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Round-Up of 2020 from our Baldwin Street central Bristol hair salon

With a New Year on the way, we thought it would be worth a Round-Up of 2020 from our Baldwin Street Bristol hair salon after a turbulent 12 months.

Despite the devastating impact of Covid-19 for people and businesses across the city, we managed to move into a brand new salon on Baldwin Street, with incredible feedback from clients after lockdown when we could safely open.

Baldwin Street central Bristol hair salon

Our stunning Baldwin Street hair studio may only be next door to our previous salon (where we were based for 10 years) but the new space and re-design with full re-fit has allowed us to provide a luxurious and Covid-safe hairdressing experience in central Bristol for clients old and new.

We’ve invested heavily in making Aidan Garlington Hair Design a relaxing, professional, calm and Covid-safe hair salon in Bristol for all of our clients.

The challenges of opening a new hair salon in central Bristol are tricky enough, but to do it during a global pandemic was very tough indeed.

Thankfully, the moving process was relatively straightforward, and despite a few refit rollovers on deadlines, we managed to get the stunning new salon open in-between the first and second lockdowns.

Baldwin Street Bristol salon

Our small but dedicated team of Bristol hairdressers looks likely to grow in 2021 too, with a Senior Stylist possibly being recruited in the New Year following an incredibly busy December period for the current team.

And, finally, our current ranges of global brands for hair styling products, hair conditioning products, hair care products and hair straighteners – as well as men’s hair and grooming products – have been even more popular this year.

We’re so grateful to our clients for making sure that we all got through 2020 relatively sane, and are looking forward to seeing you all again in January.

If you’re wondering what a Covid-safe Bristol hair salon should be doing to protect clients and stylists in 2021, we wrote a blog post about the measures being taken at our central Bristol salon – find out more here.

If you’d like to book a Covid-safe hair appointment in Bristol for January, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


The best Autumn hair care in Bristol with Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

Here at Aidan Garlington Hair Design, we’re now able to provide clients with the best Autumn hair care in Bristol using Olaplex No.7 Bonding oil.

best autumn hair care Bristol Olaplex Bonding Oil

This hair care product is perfect for application during Autumn months, and offers unrivalled support and strength for hair condition, hair repair, hair bonding, and hair conditioning during the wetter, colder months to come.

This superb product has been available at our Baldwin Street salon since February, but the March lockdown has meant that client weren’t able to access it as readily as now. This has been our most popular Autumn hair care product in stock in recent weeks, and clients are giving us great feedback.

No.7 Bonding Oil is a re-bonding and hair strengthening hair product, which reduced frizzy and flyaway hair. It absorbs into the structure of the hair, and only a small amount is needed to deliver big benefits in hair care, hair protection, and the reduction of hair drying time needed on a daily basis.

Suitable for all hair types, it is a vegan-friendly hair care product, animal cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free, phthalates free, nut free and PH balanced, giving clients complete confidence whilst utilising its benefits.

It’s available in-salon in a 30ml bottle, and costing £28.

The patented hair care system from Olaplex works in a number of ways at a molecular level. To find out more, please visit here.

We’ve been huge advocates of the full range of Olaplex hair care and hair strengthening products for some time now, and client love these products.

We wrote recently about another amazing Olaplex hair conditioning product – read here to find out more.

To find out more about No.7 Bonding Oil, please visit here.

If you’d like to find out more about the best Autumn hair care in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


Looking for a Covid-safe Christmas hair appointment in Bristol?

We’re well into Autumn, and many of our clients are already asking about making a Covid-safe Christmas hair appointment in Bristol at our salon.

Covid-safe Christmas hair appointment Bristol

Our advice would be to book now, well in advance, and for these reasons:

We have limited availability this year, due to less appointments being available in-salon due to the restrictions in line with managing Covid-19.

Appointments in-salon now take longer, and there’s more time spent after each client visit disinfecting their chair and surrounding area in-salon.

We have limited chair availability and are running a smaller team for the remainder of 2020. New stylists are looking to join us in the New Year.

Our Baldwin Street central studio salon is currently booking up quickly for the start of December, with mid-November also filling up fast at the moment.

If you’re wondering what a Covid-safe Bristol hair salon should be doing to protect clients and stylists, we recently wrote a blog post about the measures being taken at our central Bristol salon – find out more here.

There are slots available for Christmas hair appointments in central Bristol with us, and we can offer clients visits for their festive hairstyle, haircut or hair colouring during the second and third weeks of December, as things stand.

We also have limited availability for the end of November, but these are filling up fast, as clients are keen to ensure they get dedicated time booked with us.

Our Christmas hair appointments cover the following services for clients:

Hair colouring

Creative seasonal cuts

Hair Ups & Christmas hairstyling

Simply email to find out more about our current availability and to book in before all appointments are taken at our busy salon.

If you’d like to book a Covid-safe Christmas hair appointment in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


What are the most popular Autumn haircuts for 2020 in Bristol?

Clients have been asking us what are the most popular Autumn hair trends for 2020 in Bristol, and with the seasonal change comes a new selection of top hairstyles and creative cuts to consider.

popular Autumn haircuts 2020 Bristol

Our team of top hairstylists in central Bristol have reviewed some of the hottest haircuts in-salon, and across the country, and our top picks are:

Pixie Cut

The classic Pixie Cut, as seen above, is one of the most popular low-maintenance haircuts available from our central Bristol hairdressers, and gives a clean and crisp retro look. Adding choppy layers to add volume is also a good option.

A bold, volume-packed Pixie Cut is a great opportunity to utilise a crop-style haircut for the Autumn months, as well as delivering an iconic look.

Loose Shag

This is an upgraded version of the 70s shag hairstyle, and it works on both long and short hair, making it a versatile restyle for any clients visiting our Baldwin Street hair salon this Autumn.

It’s multi-layered, easy to maintain, and looks simple yet glamourous. The choppy layers give gorgeous volume, and a salt spray will add texture.

Blunt Bob

Summer saw an increase in grown-out Bobs and Lobs, but Autumn will bring more clients in Bristol wanting a sharp and defined Blunt Bob, hitting the jawline and demanding a strong precision creative cut from Bristol hairstylists.

One-length Blunt Bobs are perfect as a face-framing haircut for the Autumn months, with other variations such as angular and asymmetrical Bobs also being popular choices from our clients looking for something special.

If you’d like to find out more about the upcoming Autumn hair trends in 2020 for Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


NEW Copper Balayage now available at our central Bristol salon

We’ve got new Copper Balayage hair colouring services at our central Bristol salon, and clients are enjoying more of our balayage hair colouring services.

copper balayage bristol

Balayage (French for freehand painting) is one of our most popular hair colouring services in Bristol, with copper and red hair colours being preferred options for the Autumn.

A balayage can be a whole head hair colouring service, or a top up and tone.

One of the most positive elements of a Copper Balayage is that is gives low commitment and easily manageable hair colouring for a client, whilst ongoing maintenance means a balayage is a great choice for many of our clients.

Blonde balayage which is usually in demand during the Summer months, and the hair colour is essentially topped up, then tone added, which is where additional colour changes can be added, such as copper or red.

A Copper Balayage is where our hair colouring experts on Baldwin Street tone the ends, or the whole head for a more vivid effect, and clients can gain a huge amount of versatility for their hair colouring requirements.

copper hair colouring bristol

Depending on the hair length and thickness, a Copper Balayage usually takes between two and four hours in-salon, and costing between £120-£180.

Copper Balayage looks set to be our most popular freehand hair colouring for the Autumn, and we predict that copper and red hair colouring will remain popular from September through to January.

We also provide a Covid-safe experience for all our clients, and are a Barbicide-certified salon in Bristol providing the very best client safety.

If a client wants to change an existing hair colour to a new tone, we can do this easily with costs starting from £45.

If you have any queries about our Copper Balayage hair colouring services, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


Looking for hair straightening services for men in Bristol? Read this!

With the recent warm, humid weather, we’ve had an increase in demand for hair straightening services for men in Bristol, and decided to post on our central Bristol hairdressing blog about the subject.

hair straightening for men Bristol

Although hair straightening for men in Bristol has traditionally been a low-demand service at our Baldwin Street hair salon, the trend for longer hair for men during and after lockdown this year has seen a rise in the number of male clients visiting us and requiring hair straightening services.

Our favourite hair product treatment to use for hair straightening services is X-Tenso Moisturist. Perfect for rebellious frizzy hair, it’s designed by L’Oreal to deliver smooth, shiny and de-volumised hair for men and women.

X-Tenso Moisturist utilises new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing effect, and our male clients have been blown away by it.

Delivering long-lasting professional volume and frizz control, this is our favourite professional hair relaxer product for curly and unruly hair.

Whether a male client wants to reduce the volume, retain volume, go smooth and sleek, this exclusive hair straightening treatment for men is the key.

Available in-salon, and with the expert hair straightening advice from our men’s hairstyling team on Baldwin Street, using X-Tenso Moisturist from L’Oreal will transform the way you view hair straightening permanently.

We predict that this hair straightening treatment for men and women will also be in high demand throughout the rest of the year, as moisture and increased wet weather through the Autumn can also curl unruly hair for many clients.

Please mention this Blog post when you book your next hair straightening appointment with our central Bristol hair studio.

If you have any queries about our hair straightening services for men, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


NEW Baldwin Street central Bristol hair studio unveiled for clients

We are delighted to officially announce that our new Baldwin Street central Bristol hair studio has been unveiled for clients.

new Baldwin Street central Bristol hair studio

Our stunning Bristol hair salon is bigger, with a brand new refurbishment in place, and only two doors along from our old salon, where our central Bristol hairstylists had been based for over 10 years.

The new salon has been carefully designed to offer clients old and new the very best hairdressing experience on Baldwin Street for 2020 and beyond.

central Bristol hair studio

Some of the new features of our salon include a dedicated and stylish backwash area, a new retail stand with a range of hair products for men and women, a unique hair colour bar for clients to utilise, as well as Covid-safe measures in place at all times.

The salon has an increased number of chairs available, and we’re currently recruiting for more hair stylists to cope with demand for our superb services.

Baldwin Street salon

The team have had incredible feedback from clients so far, and although the new salon has only been open for a few weeks, we’re already seeing a big influx of clients looking to buy more products and book in earlier with us.

If you have any queries about our brand new Baldwin Street central Bristol hair studio, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


How to know if a central Bristol salon is using the right PPE

Many of our clients visiting us post-lockdown have been asking how to now if a central Bristol salon is using the right PPE to protect them against Covid-19.

central Bristol salon using PPE

The entire team at Aidan Garlington Hair Design are following current Government guidelines regarding PPE, to ensure that clients and staff are safe at all times, as well as being able to effectively provide quality service.

We’ve also introduced a number of other measures for clients, so it’s worth reviewing these steps before you make your next visit to see us.

To keep you safe during visits to the salon, we are taking the necessary steps to welcome you:

  • All members of our team will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), visors and masks.
  • Every other work station will be used to enable the 2m social distancing between clients.
  • Only one basin in use at any time.
  • To ensure effective social distancing, walk-in appointments will not be available until further notice. Please call us to book an appointment.
  • We will not be able to offer refreshments, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks (no alcohol please).
  • All magazines have been removed from the salon to reduce the handling of materials, but you can always use your kindle, tablet, phone or personal book/magazine for entertainment.
  • We will politely ask every client to wash or sanitise their hands upon arrival.
  • We will accept cash payments but to reduce the handling of material between our team and clients we ask you bring the correct money.
  • We will be taking card payments and making future appointments at the workstation to avoid crowding at reception.
  • We will not be able to facilitate dry haircuts.
  • All tools, workstations, mirrors, gowns, and PPE will be cleaned, disinfected or disposed of between each client.
  • Salon areas will be cleaned regularly, and disinfectant spray will be used on door handles, taps and other areas of multiple contact, throughout the day.
  • Floor markings will be in place to help ensure social distancing.
  • We ask you attend your appointment alone unless a carer is needed.

What to expect our ‘new normal’ to look like:

  • We will ask for your name, mobile number and email on booking an appointment to enable track and trace and to send advice updates about your appointment.
  • To ensure your appointment goes ahead and to avoid having to wait outside please arrive at your appointment time.
  • On arrival at the salon the door will be locked so you will have to ring the foot-operated bell.
  • Your stylist will answer the door.
  • You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided, put on a face mask and place your belongings (coat, hand bag, etc) into a clear plastic bag, please keep personal items to a minimum.
  • If you are having a colour you will be directed to your seat, if you are having a cut and finish you will be directed to the basin.
  • We will carry out your consultation sat alongside you speaking into the mirror to avoid speaking face to face.
  • We will be using disposable towels and our gowns which will be washed after every use at over 60
  • Payment can be contact less card (£45 maximum) Apple or android pay (no maximum) or cash.

Before making or coming to your appointment, please ask yourself the following question:

  • Do you or anybody in your household or ‘bubble’ have any cold or flu-like symptoms?

If so, please call the salon on 0117 376 3248 to re-schedule, should you already have an appointment booked.

It’s also worth pointing out that masks or face coverings have been mandatory for clients visiting us since 08th August. This will be required until further notice, and we are monitoring Government advice on this for client safety.

If you have any queries about the PPE being used by our central Bristol hair studio, please feel free to get in touch with us at our Baldwin Street salon here.


How to maintain longer hair after lockdown in Bristol

We’ve had a number of our lovely clients asking us recently how to maintain longer hair post-lockdown in Bristol, so we thought a blog post dedicated to this topic would be helpful.

hairdressing discounts bristol

Having seen clients managing their hair at home, with hints and tips from our central Bristol hairdressing blog in recent months, now that lockdown has eased it’s become clear that many clients are loving their longer hair, but aren’t sure how to maintain it and keep it in excellent condition.

As we’ve been stressing, the importance of well-maintained hair is critical when it comes to keeping longer hair healthy, shiny and looking gorgeous.

The importance of a prescribed shampoo and conditioner cannot be under-estimated when it comes to ensuring healthier long hair after lockdown.

Our central Bristol long hair stylists recommend trimming the ends in-salon first, for the basics of long hair maintenance to have a lasting impact.

More clients are managing their own long hair, and this also means that using the right cleaning and conditioning products at home will be vital as well.

After a few months of lockdown, we’re seeing that a good shampoo and conditioner are usually all that is required to get a client’s longer hair back into shape in terms of cleansing, conditioning and maintaining hair integrity.

We have the amazing Serie Expert and reformulated Absolut Repair in-salon, both of which are designed to work with longer hair.

Vitamino Colour is our preferred product when looking after longer hair that has also been coloured, and is one of the best products L’Oreal has launched.

Our in-salon shampoos for longer hair are available for only £12.50, whilst conditioners are on sale for £13.50, whilst stocks last.

Dry and damaged longer hair that’s needing extreme care will benefit from a hydration masque, as well as an Olaplex treatment. Ask in-salon for details.

If you have any queries about maintenance of long hair from our expert central Bristol hair studio, please feel free to get in touch with us at our Baldwin Street salon here.


What are the best Summer hairstyles in Bristol for 2020?

Although Covid-19 has delivered a massive impact on everyone, we’re still getting clients asking us what are the best Summer hairstyles in Bristol for 2020.

festival hair ideas for Summer 2018 in Bristol

And our team of experienced Baldwin Street hairstylists have a selection of the hottest hairstyles to try this Summer in Bristol.

Summer hair trends for 2020 will undoubtedly be influenced by the ongoing pandemic, and outdoor restrictions will change the seasonal hairstyles we’re used to seeing as firm favourites every Summer, but the essential elements of any Summer hairstyle usually contain the following:

Quick and easy to create at home

Keeps hair off the face and neck

Can be worn in town or at the beach

So, our central Bristol hairstyling team think this Summer will see the following hair trends hitting the top spots with clients:


fesitval hair ideas for 2018 in Bristol

East to create, face-framing braids are simple but effective for Summer hairstyling. They work on every hair length and hair texture, and look really cute, as well as enabling clients to keep cool in warmer temperatures.


Hair Chalks in Bristol from Aidan Garlington

An elevated bun is simple, fast and amazing as a Summer hairstyle. It’s versatile too, allowing clients to add elements such as waves and tousled pieces to create a cool overall look.


Bob hairstyling in central Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

A classic Bob hairstyle is always a popular choice as a Summer look, and this year will be no different. A new Bob can transform the face, as well as delivering a low-maintenance hairstyle for the entire Summer.

Another consideration for Summer hair trends should be a client’s hair type, hair length, and the hair products required to keep it in great condition for the hot, dry Summer months. We can advise further on the best hair care.

If you have any queries about Summer hairstyling at our central Bristol hair studio, please feel free to get in touch with us at our Baldwin Street salon here.