This is a great time to think about a change, so why not try our red hair colouring services in Bristol as a great way to kick off the New Year.

Red hair colours are popular in Winter months when dark cold weather can be brightened up with stunning reds being added to clients’ hair – either as permanent or temporary hair colours.

There are a few key considerations to bear in mind when thinking about red hair colouring services from a Bristol hair salon, particularly when matching up the right red hair colour with a client’s skin tone.

copper red hair colouring Bristol

Soft red suits fair skin, as the in-salon example above highlights. Red hair colour can also be a great contrast for blue eyes, whilst a pink-yellow undertone to skin suits a dusty copper, as with the client’s example.

copper hair colouring Bristol

The in-salon red hair colour above from our Baldwin Street hairdressers shows that a rosy red colour in the hair suits yellow and more neutral undertones.

red hair colouring Bristol

The client above had a fair to medium skin tone, so we recommended and applied a more dramatic red hair colour, as the stunning example shows.

Other basic considerations include a skin patch test 48 hours before the hair colouring appointment, to ensure no allergies are present and that the client’s skin isn’t particularly sensitive to any of the hair colouring products we use.

We will also give every client a full and free hair colouring consultation, so they are completely happy with us to proceed and deliver a ravishing red hair colour to help banish the Winter Blues.

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If you’d like more information about the red hair colouring services we offer in Bristol, please get in touch here.