Looking for a hair colour correction service in Bristol? Read this!


Looking for a hair colour correction service in Bristol? Read this!

After a hectic few weeks following the lifting of lockdown, we’ve had a number of clients asking for a hair colour correction service in Bristol.

Our Covid-safe Bristol hair salon has been inundated with client queries on hair colour in the last three weeks.

So we thought it would be helpful to write a blog post from our Baldwin Street hair colouring experts to share some insights into the hair colour correction process.

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In a nutshell, hair colour correction involves removing undesirable hair colour. It can be the result of hair colouring growing out or a hair colour service that’s gone wrong.

Hair colour correction involves either toning out unwanted hair brassiness, dying the hair darker, or lightening hair to achieve the required colour.

A hair colour correction service with our central Bristol hairdressers will often require removing unwanted hair colour and starting a new process for a client.

A good example of a hair colour correction will be to colour hair from red to brown or to turn dark hair to pink. Tone and depth of hair colour are vital.

If blonde hair colour is slightly brassy or a brunette is showing too much red, a toner service might be able to rectify this with a low-impact correction.

A hair colour correction service, however, may take weeks to get the right look for a client. It is a highly bespoke hair colour correction service.

A hair colour correction service can be difficult for fragile or damaged hair, so consultation with one of our Baldwin Street hairstylists is a critical step.

For some hair types and hair colours, the hair colour correction process can take two or three appointments.

Factors such as hair type, hair texture, hair condition, existing hair colour, and the choice of toner to be used all play a part in the time period needed.

We strongly recommend that any clients who have not yet secured a hair colour correction service appointment for June get in touch by either ringing the salon on 0117 376 3248 or email us at hair@aidangarlington.co.uk.

If you’d like more information about the hairdressing services offered at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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