It’s time to review Summer hair trends in Bristol from our Baldwin Street hairdressers.

And whereas last Summer was minimalist, the Summer hair trends in Bristol this year will be maximalist, with face-framing fringes, 70s-inspired hairstyling, modern takes on classic cuts and exciting new bold hair colours.

Summer hair trends from our Baldwin Street hairdressers

Some of the hottest Summer hairstyles will include Mullets, Bangs, Bobs and Layered Shags.

Whilst many clients prefer to go for shorter hair during the warmer Summer months, other clients prefer to keep some length to enhance styling options.

A Pixie Cut or Sharp Bob are great for keeping the neck cool in the sun, but sometimes it can also be good to consider the length a Layered Shag or Mullet can offer.

We’re going to see more clients going for a not-too-short and not-too-long hair length, with a rise in mid-length hairstyle requests as Summer progresses.

The ever-popular mid-length chop ‘Hot Girl Bob’ is a favourite with our clients, whilst a chunky 70s Mullet, Layered Shag with a curtain fringe are also options for this Summer.

Layered Shag:

This simple and versatile Summer hairstyle has made a massive comeback, with a rise in popularity across Bristol.

A heavy fringe with length on the sides delivers shape and style.

70’s Mullet:

The rise of the Mullet has been widely publicised in the Press by celebrities bringing back this iconic look.

This Summer, this hairstyle will be popular as the Mullet gives a strong image across the city for many clients to get back to basics.

Hot Girl Bob:

A Bob haircut is always a favourite Summer hairstyle in Bristol, and this year the variety of Bob hairstyles will be superb.

We can advise you on the best type of Bob hairstyle to match your face shape. A Hot Girl Bob retains mid-length and easy maintenance.

Half & Half Colour:

The release of the Hollywood Movie Cruella has seen clients asking for half-and-half hair colours, and our hair colouring experts on Baldwin Street can help.

We predict that this Summer will see experimental hair colours becoming popular, with reds and greens being popular from now until September.

Summer hair trends in Bristol are an exciting topic, and our Baldwin Street hairdressers are here to help you.

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