The season has changed and many clients visiting Aidan Garlington Hair Design are asking us for advice on the most popular Spring hairstyles in Bristol.

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Our Baldwin Street hairdressers have a selection of popular Spring hairstyles in Bristol, including:

Wet Waves

This seasonal style is for long hair and is styled in an unstructured way with a natural wave.

Blunt lines are softened with the focus being on natural waves in the hair. Some clients may consider hair extensions to get an extra element of length.

A good quality curling tong can provide a curl boost in the hair to deliver fluffy elongated waves.

Minimalist Hair

This Spring hairstyle is perfect for clients with fine, thin hair.

Minimalist Hair centres upon loose, unstructured hair with thinner textured ends and a sleek simple finish. It works especially well with sharp parting.

Sometimes referred to as ‘barely there hair’ this look is all about simplicity with subtle, fine woven high or low lights depending on the natural hair colour.

Bang Bob

The Bang Bob is a new take on the French Bob but with an extra focus on the fringe area.

Layers are kept to a minimum with a sharp right angle connecting the fringe and bob length. The shorter the fringe, the bolder the result on this look.

The Bang Bob is a strong hairstyle and works equally well blow-dried and straightened or left to dry naturally.


A Spring hairstyle that is all about layers, with the fusion of a Mullet and a Pixie Cut.

An alternative style, it’s sharp and sassy and perfect for a fresh new Spring look. The central element is a choppy, textured all-over layered cut.

Length is left around the neck to work in the Mullet style, with a similar length framing the face. This is going to be a very popular look this Spring.

Botox Hair

This Spring style works on any hair length longer than the chin and is a simple but stunning look.

All the hair is swept up into a tight bun sitting on the crown of the head. Hair is combed back tightly in a line that continues from the cheekbones to give a snatched (or Botoxed) look.

Botox Hair is a sleek and sharp style that requires strong hold styling gel to comb the hair up and back, then secured with a hair elastic at the crown.

There are many different popular Spring hairstyles in Bristol this year, and our Baldwin Street hairdressers are on hand to help you choose the perfect look.

If you’d like more information about the popular Spring hairstyles available at our Bristol hair salon, please feel free to get in touch.