Looking for an Afro Hair specialist in Bristol? Check this out


Looking for an Afro Hair specialist in Bristol? Check this out

We’re really pleased to announce that a new Afro Hair specialist in Bristol is now working with Aidan Garlington Hair Design on Baldwin Street.

afro hair specialist bristol

Sharon has joined our central Bristol hairdressing team and brings with her expertise in the following areas:

Afro Caribbean Hairdressing

Hair Relaxing

Curl Perms

Curl Texturizing

Blow-dry Out services for natural curls

Straightening, treating and cutting Afro Hair, Curly Hair and Afro Caribbean or Multi-cultured Hair requires specialist skills and Sharon has been really well received at the salon already.

As many of our clients will know, we have been offering Asian Hair Straightening services for some time now, and following an increased demand in clients with Afro Caribbean Hair, we brought in an expert to manage their hairstyling.

Sharon has a number of years working in Bristol, and her focus has always been on clients with Afro Hair.

We are pleased to be able to have such an expert in this area on board with us, and she has shown us a number of unique hints and tips already.

She is able to provide the best advice on how to manage and maintain Afro Hair, as well as the treatments to use to keep curly hair in great condition.

Sharon also specialises in Afro Hairstyling and cutting, so clients can change their look completely if they wish.

All Afro Hair consultations in our central Bristol studio are free, and we have a number of global brands available, so clients can take away the very best products for their hair type and length.

The new Afro Hairdressing services have been really popular, so we recommend that all clients book in advance at our Covid-safe Bristol salon.

If you’d like more information about the Afro Hair services available at our central Bristol hair salon, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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