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What’s the hottest Summer hairstyle in Bristol? Ombre!

Our Baldwin Street hairdressers were discussing what’s the hottest Summer hairstyle in Bristol for this year, and the response was resounding – Ombre.

Summer hairstyle Bristol Ombre Aidan Garlington Hair Design

Whilst bayalage was really popular last Summer, our team of hair colouring experts are noticing more demand this year for Ombre in Bristol.

A classic Ombre hair colouring service typically involves solid colour at the roots and is lighter at the ends, with red, browns and blondes being added in as examples of different highlights to use with an Ombre look.

The cost and time involved for an Ombre depends largely on factors such as the length of hair and the strength of colours to be added into the highlights.

We would offer a full and free hair consultation for every Ombre client, to ensure that the right hair colours for them are applied and processed. It’s also important to get a skin patch test 48 hours beforehand.

A classic Ombre would take 90 minutes’ colour processing time, with a further 90 minutes’ for the cut and blowdry. A total time of three hours with us.

An Ombre costs between £98-£135, depending on the stylist level.

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