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NEW Hair colouring service for sun-lightened hair in Bristol

It’s been an amazing Summer, but we’re now starting to see more and more clients coming to our Bristol hair salon with sun lightened hair issues, looking for help, advice and hair colouring support to bring back their natural colour.

The good news is – we have a service for this, and offer a new hair colouring service for sun-lightened hair, and the ‘before’ and ‘after results below are truly stunning:

hair colouring sun lightened hair Bristol

sun lightened hair treatments in Bristol

The Summer 2018 heatwave has left many clients visiting our Baldwin Street hair salon with hair that looks bleached and washed out after weeks of intense sun. The issue has been to put the clients’ natural hair colour in for them.

We offer a free hair consultation for all of our clients, especially those looking to utilise our expert hair colouring services, to ensure that the right tone, blend and hair colour mix is delivered to them during their visit to our styling team.

When it comes to restoring natural colouring to sun-lightened hair, we start by looking at the level and extent of sun damage caused to the hair, roots, and the overall condition of the hair and scalp after intense heat exposure.

When it comes to providing our hair colouring service to sun-lightened hair, we focus on applying highlights in to the roots if needed, to bring the roots to their natural colour.

Part of the hair colouring process on sun-lightened and sun-damaged hair often involves applying lowlights on to the ends, after washing them out.

This simple but effective hair colour service to hair roots and hair ends is perfect for re-establishing the hair’s overall natural colour, as well as providing a refresh of natural colour at the end of the Summer season for tired hair.

A half-head colour will usually take between 30-45 minutes, with 30 minutes’ processing time for hair colouring applied. A cut and blow dry usually comes afterwards, giving a total chair time of roughly 1.5 hours, depending on length of hair and condition of roots. Ask for further details during your consultation.

We also recommend that clients with sun-lightened or sun-damaged hair consider giving their hair additional moisture, to re-build the integrity of the hair, the roots, the scalp, and to promote better hair health overall.

Clients can also get a fantastic new hair moisturizing treatment too – read this blog post to find out details on this great deal.

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