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What’s the difference between hairdressing and barbering in Bristol?

One of the questions we often get asked by new clients visiting our Baldwin Street hair salon is what’s the difference between hairdressing and barbering in Bristol, and new male clients in particular are keen to find out more.

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When we get new male clients visiting our central Bristol salon for the first time, they’re often passing trade due to our location or alternatively because we’ve been recommended to them by an existing client of ours.

The question about hairdressing and barbering is a good one, because as a unisex hair salon in central Bristol, we’ve seen more and more male clients visiting us in 2018 to utilise our barbering and gents’ hairdressing services.

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We give all clients (male and female) a full and free hair consultation before carrying out any cutting, and this gives a new client the opportunity to talk through their current look, any inspiration they want to bring to a new look, as well as chatting to our team of friendly and experienced hair stylists in detail.

The world of barbering has traditionally been scene as quite one-dimensional from outside the hair industry. Barbering has been viewed as simply about clipper haircuts, a short back and sides delivered in 10 minutes, and then a repeat visit every few weeks to trim the hair with clippers again for a guy.

This, of course, isn’t the case at our hair salon, and our male clients enjoy the same level of consultation, creative cutting and hair product advice that our female clients enjoy when they visit us.

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Our hairdressing services involve a full hair consultation every time, a high level of client education around hairdressing and product knowledge, scissor cuts and professional hair styling for men. It’s a top-level experience.

Not just that, but our pricing structure for barbering services is flexible too, rather than trying to offer a one-stop-shop approach as some salons do.

We price our gents’ hairdressing services based on the experience level of our stylist delivering the service. So, for example, our barbering services are currently priced at three levels: £19.50, £21.50 and £24, and isn’t dependent on the amount of time in the chair when a male client visits us.

We pride ourselves on the level of male hairdressing education and men’s hair product knowledge we pass on, too, and are regularly posting male-centric blog posts for the benefit of our growing male client audience.

We also have male and female stylists, so the choice is up to you when you visit our Baldwin Street hair salon in terms of who works with you on your hair.

For example, we recently wrote about the latest trends in gents’ hairdressing in central Bristol – visit here to find out more.

We also stock the full range of superb men’s hair products from Great British Barber – visit here to read all about it.

Our Bristol Hairdressing Blog has lots of examples of men’s haircuts, barbering in central Bristol, as well as the latest men’s hair products we recommend for our male clients – visit here to find out more.

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