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Black Friday deals on Cloud Nine straightening irons in Bristol

Our team of Baldwin Street hairstylists are excited to be offering special Black Friday deals on Cloud Nine hair straightening irons in Bristol this month.

Black Friday deals Cloud Nine straightening irons Bristol

The latest Black Friday event, due to hit high street stores across the city on Friday 29th November, is going to be offering huge discounts for shoppers.

And we’ve got incredible deals available for clients old and new on the amazing range of Cloud Nine hair straighteners and hair irons in-salon.

Black Friday deals straightening irons Bristol

Cloud Nine are running a hair iron exchange on Black Friday, which means any client bringing in their old Cloud Nine hair straightening irons to us will get £20 off on a new Cloud Nine iron.

There will also be a further £20 off to celebrate the Black Friday event as well.

On pre-orders of Cloud Nine Stylers, we’re offering £20 off on monogrammed initially services, making it the ideal gift with up to three initials being added.

The above discounts all stack up to give you up to £60 off on brand new Cloud Nine irons and stylers for Black Friday – while stocks last.

Black Friday hairdressing deals Bristol

The monogram service does require a deposit, and there’s a three-day delivery system in operation with Cloud Nine. Ask in-salon for details.

To find out more about the full range of Cloud Nine irons and styling equipment, please visit here.

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