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Special event this Summer? Visit our central Bristol hairstylists first!

The team of central Bristol hairstylists at our Baldwin Street hair salon have seen a few new and interesting client visits this Summer, and we wanted to dedicate a blog post to showcasing some of our extra hairdressing services.

Central Bristol hairstylists

We recently had new clients visiting from Ireland, who were staying in a central Bristol hotel and attending a University graduation. They’d typed ‘Prom Hair and Hair-ups in central Bristol’ into Google, found one of our previous blog posts, and booked in for last-minute hairstyling with the team.

There was also a group of ladies visiting Bristol for the weekend to see the sights including the Wallace & Gromit Trail, and they wanted to discuss Hair-Up options with us for their big Saturday night out on the town.

We have also provided temporary hair chalk for clients visiting Bristol, which wash out after three shampoos but give a vibrant fun new hair colour for a short period of time. Ask in-salon for further details on this new service.

We are seeing more clients visiting the salon during weekends away to Bristol, as well as wedding parties, and other special anniversary events.

Central Bristol hairstylists at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

We’ve had a number of new clients coming in to see us for various hairstyling and hairdressing services such as our Styling Bar.

Our team of experienced and friendly Bristol hairstylists can provide a range of versatile and low-cost hairdressing services, including cuts, blow-dry, and styling – including good-to-go quick hair curling, if the client comes into the salon with hair washed and ready for us to work our magic on for them.

Aidan Garlington Hair Design central Bristol hairstylists

Our central Bristol hairdressing team can offer advice and guidance, including our up-to-date hair product knowledge, to ensure that new clients and those visiting just for a weekend have gorgeous hair throughout their stay in the city.

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Central Bristol hairdresser focus – Aidan Garlington

As part of our regular focus on the central Bristol hairdresser team working at our Baldwin Street hair salon, it’s time to focus on the salon founder and Creative Director at Aidan Garlington Hair Design.

Aidan started hairdressing after a work experience placement onto a Saturday job, and enjoyed the fun creative atmosphere so much that he went full-time in hairdressing, to rapidly complete his Level 3 NVQ Hairdressing qualification whilst working as an apprenticeship in at a Bath-based hair salon.

cetnral Bristol hairdresser Aidan Garlington

Aidan worked at the Bath hair salon for just under five years, then came to work in Bristol where he fell in love with the old city quarter with the fantastic buzz, easygoing atmosphere, and unique markets full of fantastic people.

Aidan has now worked as a leading hairdresser in the old city area of central Bristol for over 20 years, having started his successful hairdressing career at Charlie Browns and then onto Adam & Eve (now called Gaudi Hair Design).

Aidan went on to work as a leading hairstylist at Guy Fawkes, where he trained further, eventually managing the salon and successfully passing his L’Oréal Colour Specialist degree, in which he gained a 93% pass mark.

Aidan decided to set up his own salon 10 years ago, and moved to the current central Bristol hair salon located on Baldwin street nine years ago.

In his day-to-day duties within the hair studio, he cuts, colours, straightens, curls, and extends hair for clients using all the usual methods such as Raccoon, Beauty Works, Kerastraight, Xtenso and Yuko whilst continuing to utilize his expertise gained from his L’Oréal Colour Specialist Degree.

Aidan also took the Trevor Sorbie My New Hair industry training course (wig cutting for cancer patients) five years ago, which was an amazing experience.

Aidan works hard to keep up-to-date on current hairdressing trends and hot hairstyles, so that his team at the leading central Bristol hair studio can continue to give clients the best hairdressing experience on Baldwin Street.

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