Solar Sublime Summer hair care products at our Bristol hair salon


Solar Sublime Summer hair care products at our Bristol hair salon

Our clients have been asking for recommendations on Summer hair care products available at our Bristol hair salon on Baldwin Street, and we’ve got two fantastic products from the Solar Sublime range for this year.

Summer hair care products Bristol

The hotter weather is a potential hazard, as many clients can get sun-damaged hair, dried-out and dehydrated as well as chemical damage from chlorine in swimming pools.

The Solar Sublime range is designed specifically to provide hair care for Summer and sun protection products for clients spending time outdoors.

We highly recommend the entire range for clients to include in their holiday suitcase, and it forms an essential part of any Summer hair care regime.

This year, we have two firm favourites in the Solar Sublime range for 2018.

The first Solar Sublime product our Bristol hair care experts love is the Conditioning Spray – a light, leave-in mist formulation containing Mexoryl SO and delivering instant conditioning protection for hair during sun exposure.

It has a non-greasy texture, and helps to shield hair from drying effects whilst also leaving it looking shiny. All that’s needed is a simple spritz to improve hair protection during the Summer.

Apply onto damp or dry hair, paying particular attention to lengths and ends. Leave the conditioning spray product in and re-apply during the day as required. It’s a light product with a tropical smell, so is versatile for all clients.

The second Solar Sublime sun protection product we’re recommending to clients this Summer is the After-Sun Nourishing Balm.

This creamy and luxurious balm lavishes hair with intense post-sun protection, and also contains Mexoryl SO. It helps hair fibres to recover from heat.

Also providing UV-protection, this Nourishing Balm leaves hair feeling refreshed and hydrated after exposure to Summer sun, and our clients love it.

The Balm helps to de-tangle hair and deliver a nourishing boost at the same time. This is an absolute must for any holiday suitcase this year.

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