Haircut of the Month at our central Bristol hair salon – Rainbow Roots


Haircut of the Month at our central Bristol hair salon – Rainbow Roots

This week at Aidan Garlington Hair Design we’re focusing on another superb haircut from a recent client visit to our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol.

And this month’s top hairstyle is becoming a firm favourite – Rainbow Roots.

Bristol Rainbow Roots hairstyle from Aidan Garlington Hair Design

It’s a popular fun haircut, and involves applying pre-lightener to lift colour. Our hair colouring experts in Bristol recommend L’Oreal Platinum as a great hair colouring product to lift colour as well as add tone for a Rainbow Roots cut.

After applying pre-lightener, different colours are added into roots, depending on what the client wants. These can be semi-permanent, traditional hair colouring products, or temporary Hair Chalks which typically wash out in 3-5 washes without the need for pre-lightening.

The toner colours are left in to process for around 20 minutes, then the hair is rinsed, cut and styled. It’s that simple.

Rainbow Roots in Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair design

Semi-permanent Hair Chalks take about 20 minutes in the chair and cost from as little as £20, whilst full bleach and toning takes around two and a half hours with a cut and blowdry, and costs from £45.

Our central Bristol hair colourists also recommend using gentle shampoo for daily maintenance, which should see tonal colours staying in the hair and looking vivid for up to four weeks.

Rainbow Roots hairstyle in Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

After that, we can apply a colour refresh if required, which only takes 30 minutes at our Baldwin Street hair salon.

The Rainbow Roots is a fantastic hairstyle for an Undercut colour, which can also be covered up for work or professional purposes. It’s also a subtle hair colour, and our favourites at the moment are pinks and purples.

Raonbow Roots Summer hairstyle in Bristol from Aidan Garlington Hair Design

We also offer all clients a full and free hair consultation, to ensure that your requirements are fully met beforehand. Book yours today.

To see the full range of hair styling, haircuts, hair care, hair colouring treatments, hairdressing, hair colouring, hair treatments, and hair extensions we offer, please get in touch here.

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