Advice on hair restyling in 2022 from our Bristol hairdressers


Advice on hair restyling in 2022 from our Bristol hairdressers

We’ve been getting clients asking for advice on hair restyling in 2022 from our Bristol hairdressers.

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With any hair restyling service at our Baldwin Street salon, client hair consultation is the key element.

Clients often bring pictures with them on their phones or from magazines, and we also look at images on Google, Pinterest and Instagram with clients.

Hair restyling is all about the suitability of a client’s hair to a particular style. We will factor in the client’s hair length, condition, thickness and colour options.

A typical hair restyle at our central Bristol salon will include shampoo and dry, cut, styled and fully personalised for each client.

A hair restyle can also include a new style, a new hair colour, or sometimes a full hair colour correction service.

When it comes to restyling hair length, we might advise taking off length or just creating a choppy funky new look in the existing hair’s length.

Hair colouring for a restyle can include chunkier highlights, a seasonal balayage, or a colour correction to create completely new hair colour.

All hair colour correction services will require a test piece of the client’s hair to confirm that a colour correction service will be appropriate for their hair.

Our central Bristol hairdressers give free hair consultations to all clients, with prices confirmed at the time. This is standard with our bespoke hair services.

As a rough guideline, our hair restyling services in Bristol start from:

Cut & blowdry £49.50

Toner over hair £25

Highlights £25

Full hair colour change £150

Clients understand that there are different prices for different services when it comes to a hair restyle, and the above are guidelines only.

We also provide expert inputs on clients’ face shape and hair textures during hair consultations, to ensure they get the very best bespoke look for them.

It’s our job to refine a client’s vision to ensure that they get the best possible look.

We will also ask clients how long they want to spend time daily on maintaining and styling their hair. The Haircare regime is also an important consideration.

We give free advice on the merits of long and short hairstyles, so each client visiting us for a hair restyling service can go for their favourite hair choice.

If you’d like more information about the hair restyling service available at our central Bristol hair salon, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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