Hair Product of the Month in central Bristol – L’Oreal Beach Waves


Hair Product of the Month in central Bristol – L’Oreal Beach Waves

The team of hair stylists in central Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design are taking a closer look at one of the best Summer hair products on the market this week – L’Oreal Beach Waves.

Hair product in Bristol L'Oreal Beach Waves at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

Beach Waves is a texturizing spray, and is classified in the salt spray group of hair products. It’s a perfect hair product to get that gritty tussled beach look.

It can be applied on dry or wet hair, and its main purpose is to add texture.

Classified as a finishing product, Beach Waves from L’Oreal is ideal for helping to create an outdoor natural look, favoured by many of our clients during the Summer months when the beach is a favourite place to be.

Suited best to medium and longer hair, Beach Waves is easy to apply – just spray in, and scruff up hair to get a tousled beach look for the rest of the day.

Although Beach Waves has been around for about two years, it remains one of the most popular Summer hair products in Bristol at our Baldwin Street hair salon.

Get yours this week for only £14.99 in-salon, and ask one of our talented central Bristol hair stylists for advice and tips on getting beach hair looks.

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