Hair care advice during Bristol lockdown from our Baldwin Street hairdressers


Hair care advice during Bristol lockdown from our Baldwin Street hairdressers

We’ve had a few clients getting in touch over the last few weeks wanting help and tips, so we decided to write a specific blog post about hair care advise during the Bristol lockdown from our Baldwin Street hairdressers.

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The first thing to point out is that hair care during Bristol lockdown is essentially the same as at any other time. Our top tips for you are:

Keep hair ends in the best possible condition

Apply hair masques weekly for hydration

Cut back on hair-drying and hair straightening

Use heat protection & conditioners to stop colour fade

Let colour grow out, avoid using box hair colours

Other hair care advice from our Baldwin Street hairdressers includes don’t cut your own hair, but let it grow out and adapt using different hairstyles such as Messy Buns and Plaits. We’ll be writing an in-depth blog post on this soon.

fesitval hair ideas for 2018 in Bristol

It’s also a good time to experience with your hair, such as putting a grown-out fringe into a quiff, or brushing a fringe into a side fringe, as well as styling longer hair.

For example, a zig-zag parting is superb for breaking up hair colour as well as hiding root colour during lockdown when hair colours might well be fading.

Lots of people might be worried about their hair colour right now too, but we advise that the most important to consider during Bristol lockdown is the condition not colour of their hair. Good hair conditioning is essential.

Inverted Layered Haircut in Bristol

We also have hints and tips on root concealers, and using root re-spray products for temporary colour cover-up. A dedicated blog will follow soon.

The most important thing is to relax, let your hair grow for the time being, keep it in fantastic condition, and use simple easy hairstyling whilst at home.

If you have any other hair care questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with our Baldwin street hairdressers here.

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