Latest trends in gents’ hairdressing services in central Bristol


Latest trends in gents’ hairdressing services in central Bristol

Our Baldwin Street hair salon has seen a large increase in male clients in recent weeks, and with that in mind, we’ve decided to focus on the latest trends in gents’ hairdressing service in central Bristol at our hair salon.

gents hairdressing services central Bristol

Last year, men’s haircuts in Bristol were more focused around skin fades and short clipper styling for guys, but 2018 is seeing a new wave of gents’ hairdressing coming into play – with a focus on styling longer hair for men.

At our central Bristol hair studio, more male clients are asking for advice and tips on how to manage, style and condition longer men’s hairstyles, and our hairstylists are fully qualified in providing men’s hairdressing.

gents hairdressing in bristol

We offer all clients a full and free hair consultation, during which time we listen to what each client is hoping to achieve with their new hairstyling look.

The first months of 2018 are seeing more textured hairstyles for men, with an emphasis on longer hair, a more relaxed hairstyling feel as well as more male clients asking for advice on the best men’s hair products to use for ongoing styling and conditioning.

gents hairdressing in central Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

We also stock the full range of Great British Barber hair products, designed specifically for men, and have seen amazing results for clients using these products.

To find out more about Great British Barber hair products, please visit here.

We offer the full range of gents’ hairdressing services at our central Bristol hair salon, with prices starting from £19.50. Ask in-salon for more details.

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