Our central Bristol hairdressers pick up top tips at Salon International 2018


Our central Bristol hairdressers pick up top tips at Salon International 2018

Our central Bristol hairdressers had an amazing weekend recently, after attending Salon International 2018 and the Alternative Hair Show. Here are Creative Director Aidan with Stylists Lisa and Ashleigh outside the Show:

central Bristol hairdressers Salon International 2018

Salon International is the hairdressing industry’s biggest and most well-known annual event in the UK, held in London and attracting 1,000s of creative and contemporary hairstylists to experience the hottest trends and products.

Bristol hairdressers at Salon International 2018

As well as watching live hair shows to pick up hairstyling and creative cutting tips, the Wahl demonstration this year at the Show gave us all ideas for new barbering techniques to try back at our Baldwin Street hair studio.

central Bristol hairstylists at Salon International 2018

We were also able to pick up new high-quality hairdressing equipment to help deliver even better results for our clients.

Another of the highlights for the Aidan Garlington Hair Design stylists at the 2018 Show was to meet inspirational hair stylists, including Patrick Cameron and Trevor Sorbie, to chat about the hottest trends and upcoming styles.

To find out more about this year’s Salon International 2018 Show, please visit here.

We also had the pleasure of attending this year’s Alternative Hair Show, which is a focal point for raising charity cash and showcasing new styles.

central Bristol hairdressers at Alternative Hair Show 2018

The Alternative Hair Show raises money and awareness for fighting leukemia, and has raised a massive amount of donations for associated charity work, as well as being an amazing way to see cutting edge new hairstyles and colours.

Bristol hairdressers at Alternative Hair Show 2018

The themes of the Alternative Hair show also help to provide inspiration for our styling team back in the central Bristol hair salon for the coming year.

This year, we were amazed to see the huge variety of hairstyles showcased from around the world, as well as seeing different shapes and colours. This all helps our Bristol hairdressing team to deliver exciting new styles for clients.

Baldwin Street hairdressers at Alternative Hair Show 2018

To find out more about this year’s Alternative Hair Show, please visit here.

It was an incredible experience, and both hairdressing events have really given the stylists lots to think about and try out in salon.

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