L’Oreal hair treatments available at our central Bristol hair salon


L’Oreal hair treatments available at our central Bristol hair salon

There’s exciting news coming from the central Bristol hair salon at Aidan Garlington this week, with the announcement that we are now offering L’Oreal hair treatments for clients.

L'Oreal hair treatments at central Bristol hair salon Aidan Garlington

We’re offering hair treatments from the superb Pro Fiber range which clients can utilise in-salon, and then also take home with them to recharge their hair.

As part of the L’Oreal prescriptive range of hair treatments, the new in-salon hair treatment is available at only £10, and includes the following for clients:

A free and full hair consultation, bespoke to each each client and their hair

Shampoo then a specific hair concentrate and hair mask for 15 minutes with a blowdry time of 25 minutes

Hair positively charged with moisture locked in, providing full conditioning

The new hair treatment process is simple and straightforward, and is designed with one key result in mind – to give clients amazing, conditioned, well-maintained hair for as long as possible throughout the various seasons.

This new hair treatment at our central Bristol hair studio keeps hair in amazing condition for over a week, with recharging treatments available using the L’Oreal Pro Fiber hair products keeping hair conditioned for up to six weeks.

hair treatments at central bristol hair studio Aidan Garlington Hair Design

The L’Oreal Pro Fiber hair treatments take approximately 40 minutes to deliver per client at our hair salon on Baldwin Street in central Bristol.

To find out more about our full range of hairdressing and haircare treatments, please visit here.

To find out more about the L’Oreal Pro Fiber range of hair products, please visit here.

To see the full range of hair treatments, beauty treatments, hairdressing, hair extensions and hair colouring services we offer at our central Bristol hair salon, please get in touch here.

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