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What are the top three Autumn hairstyles in Bristol for 2018?

With the change of seasons, our team of Baldwin Street hairdressers have been busy discussing the latest trends, and in particular trying to decide what will be the top three Autumn hairstyles in Bristol for 2018.


It’s been a close call with so many hot hairstyles vying to get the top slots, but according to our expert hairstylists in central Bristol the top three hairstyles this Autumn will be – in no particular order of preference:

The Short Bob

The Long Bob has been a firm favourite with our hairdressing clients in Bristol during 2018, and the Classic Bob has been a top hairstyle during the whole year irrespective of seasonal variations.

Our Baldwin Street stylists predict that with a host of Hollywood stars chopping their hair to chin length, lots of clients will be looking for a no-fuss, easy-to-maintain straight short bob for Autumn this year.

Autumn hairstyles Bristol 2018

The Top Knot

The combination of a smart long Autumn coat with a sleek top knot provides the perfect seasonal look, and according to our central Bristol hairdressers this will be a hugely popular look from October to January.

The messy bun look seems to have had its day, and the current trend is to apply lots of oil then pull the hair into a tight ponytail and twist until tight.

Finally, the top knot is shaped and secured giving a simple, smart look.

Autumn hairstyles in Bristol for 2018

The Perm

Autumn weather can cause havoc to naturally curly hair, but our Bristol hairstylists think this is the perfect opportunity for clients to opt for a perm.

Modern perms are all about full hair, looser curls and beach-styled waves, with Hollywood stars like Emma Stone promoting this stunning hairstyle.

The perm is less damaging for hair than those worn in the 80s, and the use of more ecologically-friendly and scalp-friendly products is essential to us.

Hairstyles for Autumn in Bristol 2018

Our Bristol Hairdressing Blog has examples of stunning Autumn hairstyles now available from our hair studio in central Bristol – visit here to find out more.

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