The team of hairstylists and hairdressers at Aidan Garlington Hair Design are this week taking a closer look at one of the most popular hairstyles for this time of year at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol – a soft balayage.

Bristol hair salon soft balayage at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

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In essence, a soft balayage is a softer and gentler transition from the roots to ends than a full-head hair colouring service and is one of the seasonal favourites with many of our long-standing hairdressing clients in central Bristol.

Although a soft balayage is still a full-head hair colouring service, it’s classified as a tonal change rather than a depth-based hair colour.

It’s not a heavily-bleached service, and delivers a lighter, sun-kissed look with lightened colour applied to the ends and then towel-dried.

We use L’Oreal Colour products at our central Bristol hair studio, and for a soft balayage, we apply semi-permanent colour on the roots, a pre-lightener on the ends, plus a colour toner to finish.

The hair is then cut, styled and blow-dried to give a gorgeous soft balayage, as seen in the above example taken in the salon last week.

This stunning seasonal Spring hairstyle takes between two and a half to three hours in the chair, depending on the stylist delivering this hair colouring service to the client. Ask for further details.

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