Perfect Spring haircut in Bristol – Hair Lightening with Olaplex


Perfect Spring haircut in Bristol – Hair Lightening with Olaplex

Clients visiting our Baldwin Street salon have been asking for the perfect Spring haircut in Bristol – and our answer for 2019 is Hair Lightening with Olaplex hair treatment.

Bristol hair lightening Olaplex

Spring is only weeks away, and it’s a great time of year to consider lightening hair whilst also conditioning and treating it in preparation for warmer weather, to reduce sun damage, dry hair issues, as well as looking great for Spring.

The client example above last week is a great showcase for our Bristol hair lightening and Olaplex hair treatment.

The client came into the salon with very long hair, and asked for us to cut the majority of the length off before starting the hair colour service.

The cut hair was foiled in diagonal sections, with a two-inch gap in colour application to the scalp. Although a classic Balayage hair colour is usually applied freehand, we used foils as the client wanted the hair to be as light as possible. The heat from the foils also helped the hair colour to lift further.

Once the hair colour had lifted to the client’s required lighter shade, we toned it with a light ash toner, then cut off another two inches to reach Bob length.

Olaplex hair treatment was used in the bleach and toner, to re-build hair bonds that can be broken down in the hair colouring process. We recommend using Olaplex with every hair lightening service at our Bristol hair salon, as it helps to retain and strengthen the integrity of hair.

The hair was then blow-dried smooth, then curled with a Cloud Nine Styler to create gorgeous big loose curls for the client.

The above cut, hair colouring and Olaplex hair treatment service usually takes between 3-4 hours, and costs from £142.50, depending on the stylist.

This cut and colour would, of course, be cheaper without an Olaplex treatment and the application of an extra toner, as this client requested.

We also recommended that the client uses silver shampoo to ensure the lighter hair colouring stays bright, as well as cancelling out any brassy tones that may develop once the toner starts to wash out.

We also provided a Blondifier resurfacing and illuminating hair masque to use as a conditioner – this has been developed specifically for blonde hair, and is a superb hair conditioning product for adding in moisture removed by bleach.

The client also had a full and free hair consultation with one of our expert hair colourists in Bristol before proceeding with this transformational hairstyling.

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