Our Bristol city centre hairdressers are thrilled to bring you our new website as well as the lowdown on the best hair trends for Spring 2024.

It’s always an absolute delight for us when we can share the newest, most stylish hair trends. 

The best part is that you certainly don’t need to venture far for an amazing Spring hair makeover in Bristol – we’ve got you covered.

Here at our Bristol City Centre Hair Salon, we are buzzing with joy to help you refresh your look for the new season.

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What are the latest spring hair trends for 2024?

Spring is a time of regeneration, of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate this season of bloom than by refreshing your look to match the vivacity of the environment?

So, whether you’re seeking a complete hair makeover or simply want to add a sprinkle of Spring to your current style, we’ve got you covered. 

“Fashion is about change and about feeling good. A new season means fresh styles and perspectives. In makeup and hairstyles, we see this shift most clearly.”

The seasoned stylists at our Bristol city centre hairdressers are well-versed in the current trends.

They have been trained to translate these runway looks to suit individual features and lifestyles, considering factors such as face shape, hair type, and personal style. So drop by to transform your tresses to the latest spring trends. 

  • Chic Bobs: This cut is making a comeback this spring, with a focus on texture. Whether you’re drawn to razor-sharp, blunt cuts or love a more romantic, tousled look, our team of Bristol City Centre Hairdressers can dial down or dial up the drama, according to your preference.
  • Natural Texture and Curls: Spring 2024 is all about embracing organic elements, and there’s nothing more natural than celebrating the curls you’ve been born with. Reach out to our stylists for tips and treatments to make the most of your spiral locks.
  • Muted Pastels: For those itching to experiment with colour, muted pastels emerged as the top choice for spring. From powder blue to delicate lavender, these shades give off major spring vibes. Consult our experts for the shade that suits you the best.

Regardless of your comfort zone, whether you play it safe or love to make a fashion statement, this Spring is a perfect time to push boundaries and try something new.

Trust us to guide you through this exciting process and let’s welcome Spring with a fresh and trendsetting hairdo for you from our Bristol city centre hairdressers. 

How can I refresh my look for spring?

One of the easiest ways to refresh your look and stay ahead of the curve is by updating your hair colour.

Opting for lighter shades, and introducing subtle highlights to your locks, can do wonders for your overall appearance.

Consider hues like honey blonde, rose gold or even shades of lavender to truly embrace the spirit of Spring. If you’re not ready to completely change your hair colour, balayage or shadow roots might be just what you need.

These techniques provide depth and dimension to your hair without requiring a significant colour change. 

Short hairstyles are also surging in popularity this Spring.

Stylish bobs, pixies, and shaggy cuts are versatile and can be easily moulded to express your style. If you’re feeling bold, you can experiment with an undercut or add some playful bangs to your look.

For those of you who love longer lengths, layers and beachy waves are beautifully on-trend and can give you a blissful Spring transformation. 

A change in hair texture can be a game-changer, too. If you usually wear your hair straight, why not try going for loose, romantic curls?

Alternatively, those with naturally curly hair could explore the world of sleek, smooth hairstyles for a refreshing change.

Remember, a simple change is sometimes all you need to create a striking impact!.

We understand if you’re feeling unsure and have questions about these Spring trends.

And, that’s where we come in! At your nearest Bristol city centre hairdressers, our team of seasoned stylists are ready to collaborate with you to discover and create your perfect Spring hair look. Together, we can make a difference!

Where can I get a spring hair makeover in Bristol City Centre?

Are you ready to embrace the spring with a stunning new hairstyle? Our Bristol city centre hairdressers are here to fulfil all your hairstyling and colouring needs.

With our talented stylists and colourists who remain constantly up to date with the hottest trends, you’ll walk out of our salon with a spring in your step and a fresh, fashionable look that turns heads. 

Ombre? Balayage? Pixie cuts? Bangs? No matter what your style preference, we’ve got you covered.

We’re more than just a hair salon; we’re a place where transformation happens, where you can shed the old and embrace the new with confidence and style.

We’ll make sure your hair stays healthy throughout the process with high-quality, sustainably sourced products. 

Our skilled hairstylists don’t just change your hair, they listen to you, understand your needs and most importantly, make you feel special.

If you’re ready to shake up your look this Spring, book an appointment here with our Bristol city centre hairdressers.

Our Bristol city centre hairdressers are ready to transform your hair.