Baldwin Street salon increases training and skills during lockdown


Baldwin Street salon increases training and skills during lockdown

The Covid-19 outbreak has provided Aidan Garlington Hair Design with a good opportunity as a leading Baldwin Street salon to increase training and skills during lockdown.

Creative Director and salon Founder Aidan Garlington also recently completed a Barbicide online-based training course, focusing on disinfecting the salon and keeping clients and stylists safe.

This initiative will be fully implemented when our Baldwin Street salon re-opens, and is part of a wider training regime for salons to utilise when operating post-lockdown, in terms of minimising the risk of Covid-19 spreading within the salon. Client and staff safety will be the top priority.

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And while we’re all staying safe and maintaining guidelines around social distancing, a few weeks before the lockdown was announced, Aidan attended a full-day training course on the client experience in salon, organised by L’Oreal. You can read all about this fantastic event here.

The last few weeks have been useful in accessing online resources for our team as experienced and qualified central Bristol hairdressers, too.

One of the best web-based knowledge hubs we’ve come across and have been utilising is L’Oreal Access, an inspirational hub of hints, tips, resources and an incredible learning space for stylists in Bristol and the wider UK.

We’ve been blown away by L’Oreal Access – find out more here.

One of the most important things for us is to pass on our knowledge, experience and passion for hairdressing to our clients. This is particularly relevant at the moment, with clients having to try and manage their hair and hair health at home during lockdown.

Some of the recent blog posts we’ve published for clients to help them with hair care and other issues in lockdown across Bristol have included:

Hair care advice during lockdown.

Hair colouring hints in lockdown.

Low-maintenance hairstyles to try in lockdown.

Online ordering of hair care products in lockdown.

We’ve also had lots of clients emailing and calling to discuss related issues and queries, and we’re here to help until the salon can safely re-open.

We always put training and skills at the top of our priorities as a central Bristol salon, and the ongoing dedication to training will continue long after we see the back of Covid-19 in Bristol.

If you have any queries about the best ways to take care of your hair in lockdown, please feel free to get in touch with the experienced hairstylists at our Baldwin Street salon here.

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