What are the most popular Autumn hair colours in Bristol for 2021?


What are the most popular Autumn hair colours in Bristol for 2021?

The Summer is officially over, and here at Aidan Garlington Hair Design, we’ve had a number of clients asking our team of Baldwin Street hairstylists what are the most popular Autumn hair colours in Bristol for 2021.

copper red hair colouring Bristol 2020

October through to January has traditionally been a time when Autumn hair colours in Bristol lean towards copper reds, deep browns and colour-mixed brunettes.

For the upcoming season, our Baldwin Street hair colouring team in Bristol predict the following top Autumnal hair colours will be the most popular:

Copper Red

This is a strong and sassy seasonal hair colour for Autumn, and our Bristol clients love the Copper Reds our hair colourists deliver this look.

Copper and Red were really hot Autumn hair colours in 2020 on their own, and we expect both colours to blend together beautifully this year.


Blonde and brown together might sound strange at first, but this is a really strong Autumn hair colour, and clients will love the result when they see it.

Bronde provides a subtle lifting or darkening (as required depending on the client’s natural hair colour) as well as being a low-maintenance hair colour.

Espresso Brunette

This is a classy Autumn hair colour and has been made popular recently by Meghan Markle. It gives a subtle seasonal shine with depth and warmth.

After years of seeing balayage and blonde dominating, many brunettes are going with a simple but beautiful rich, deep espresso brown.

Chocolate Brown

Autumn hair colours that remain popular will always include some form of Chocolate Brown. and 2021 is no different at our Bristol hair studio.

This year, clients wanting to keep their seasonal hair colouring low-key but add a little sparkle to a brunette base colour will opt for this stunning look.

We request that all clients complete a skin patch test 48 hours before any hair colouring service at our Baldwin Street salon, and we continue to follow all requirements recommended by the Government before the end of the last lockdown, to ensure we provide clients with a Covid-safe salon in Bristol.

If you’d like more information about the Autumn hair colouring services available at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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