May 2022


Spring hair colour trends from our Bristol hairdressers

The lighter, brighter days are with us, and that means it is time to share the Spring hair colour trends from our Bristol hairdressers.

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As the weather gets hotter and warmer, traditionally hair colours move towards lighter tones and fresh new tones including blonde and pastel shades.

Some of the Spring hair colour trends our Bristol hairdressers think will be ones to watch in 2022 include:

Monroe Blonde

This has roared back into vogue this year, with celebrities helping to push it into the spotlight once more.

Monroe Blonde is a fluffy, retro shade of blonde which is old Hollywood, full of neutral non-brassy lightness. It’s airy, light and just right for Spring in Bristol.

Nectar Blonde

This honey blonde hair colour delivers a super gold tone which catches the sun superbly, as well as provides gloss and shine.

Nectar Blonde is a specific shade of blonde that contains a yellow-gold tone.

Mahogany Blonde

The Mahogany Blonde is an earthier version of a Strawberry Blonde, with a coper and gold element finished off with a touch of rose.

It is a warm and flattering hair colour suiting many skin tones and the copper shade will prove to be popular this Spring.

Sherbet Blonde

Pastel hair colours are always popular in Spring, and the Sherbet Blonde is no exception.

Sherbet hair can be any pastel colour and works well on hair already blonde. We recommend candyfloss, pink, soft peach and lavender.

We offer a full and free hair colour consultation to all clients and have a huge number of Spring hair colour options for clients to choose from.

If you’d like more information about the Spring hair colouring services available at our central Bristol hair salon, please feel free to contact us here.