What are the 2022 hair trends to watch in Bristol?


What are the 2022 hair trends to watch in Bristol?

The New Year is here, and with it are some exciting and new 2022 hair trends to watch out for in Bristol.

Spring hairstyles in Bristol

Our Baldwin Street hairstylists in central Bristol have some of the hottest hairstyles and hair trends to keep an eye out for in January and beyond.

If you’re unsure where to take your New Year hairstyling for 2022, we also provide a full and free hair consultation for all of our clients, in a Covid-safe salon environment.

Some of the hottest hair trends in Bristol for 2022 will include:

Mid-Length Bob

This is longer than a short bob but shorter than a long bob.

It falls above the shoulder and below the chin and is a low-maintenance hit for 2022. In essence, it is a mid-length blunt 90s-style bob.

Layered Haircut

Hair trends for 2022 in Bristol aren’t going to be all about blunt ends.

90s layered haircuts are making a comeback.

A layered haircut is great for adding volume, movement and shape as well as framing the face.

Natural-looking hair

Effortless hairstyling with natural colour will become popular in 2022.

Less is more, and natural hairstyles with relaxed colours and elevated gloss or a natural highlight will be in demand with clients in Bristol hair salons.

Make sure you go for a look and colour that suit your face shape and skin tone.

Hair extensions for 2022

We think another big hair trend for clients in 2022 will be hair extensions.

Hair typically only grows around half an inch per month, so professional hair extensions can give a stunning long length.

Long lengths will be a big hit, and we predict between 17-21 inches will be the sweet spot for many clients in Bristol. This reaches between the chest and waist.

If you’d like more information about the hairdressing services available at our central Bristol hair salon, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


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