November 2021


What are the best Winter hair care treatments for 2021 in Bristol?

With the imminent onset of wet and windy weather, clients have been asking us what are the best Winter hair care treatments for 2021 in Bristol.

best winter hair care treatments bristol

Our Baldwin Street hairdressers have three hair care treatments that are available for the Winter months, and they are all designed to give specific added strength, moisture and overall protection for hair during cold weather.

The following Winter hair care treatments are available at our central Bristol salon, either as stand-alone services or added on to existing services such as hair colouring or creative cuts.

Olaplex Hair Treatment

To improve the strength and structure of hair, an Olaplex hair treatment is highly recommended. This in-salon treatment takes around 20 minutes, and prices start from £20.

We also have a full range of Olaplex hair care treatments for clients to take home.

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

As one of the most popular hair care products available, an in-salon Moroccan Oil hair treatment is the perfect way to boost moisture levels in your hair during Winter months.

The Moroccan Oil Hydration Mask is a superb hydrating treatment that has been in demand with clients for some time. This add-on service costs just £10. The Moroccan Oil Hydration Mask is available for £26.99 to take home.

Ask our hairdressers to discuss the full range of take-home Moroccan Oil products we have in stock at our Baldwin Street salon.

Serie Expert Hair Treatment

These prescriptive hair treatments from L’Oreal are perfect to hydrate hair, as well as protect against Winter weather.

Serie Expert Winter hair care treatments also specialise in removing static from hair, which can be a major factor in absorbing harmful substances to hair during wet windy and colder months.

The Serie Expert hair treatment in-salon costs £10 and takes 15 minutes.

If you’d like more information about the Winter hair care treatments available at our central Bristol hair salon, please feel free to get in touch with us here.