What are the hottest 2021 hair trends in Bristol to watch out for?


What are the hottest 2021 hair trends in Bristol to watch out for?

One of the most common questions our clients are asking us is what are the hottest 2021 hair trends in Bristol to watch out for – and we’ve got a few top secret bits of expert advice for you to consider.

2021 hair trends Bristol

Our Baldwin Street hairstylists are predicting that the following hairstyles, creative cuts, and gorgeous hair colours will be popular in Bristol for 2021:

Rose brown hair – this will become a hot hair colour for early 2021, as it’s a low-maintenance option that gives extra dimension to brown hair tones. It’s also really versatile, and works well for clients who are blondes and redheads, albeit with slightly more upkeep.

Pixie haircut – this became a firm favourite during 2020, as short hair became more popular as a manageable hair choice with the onset of Covid-19. Short hair makes life much easier for clients if the salon is forced to go into lockdown, and we’ve seen a big boost in demand for pixie haircuts in Bristol.

Purple silver hair – hybrid hair colours in Bristol will be hugely popular in 2021, with clients looking to blend two colours into one look. Purple silver hair delivers bold, shimmering tints. If you dare to go for it, we can deliver it.

Side-sweeping Bangs – Bang hairstyles will be back on-trend in Bristol this year, and side-sweeping Bangs are going to be hot in 2021. This superb hairstyle gives movement, and highlights facial features. It’s especially strong for those with higher foreheads, as it moves the focus onto a client’s eyes.

Shag haircuts – this look is a great way of adding edge to a hairstyle, giving multiple layers, flowing bangs, and a simple cool look for the year ahead.

Assorted Bobs – whether it’s a Blunt Bob, a Textured Bob, or an Asymmetrical Bob, our Baldwin Street stylists can help. We predict that the Bob in all its forms will be a big hit in 2021, due to its versatility and low maintenance. This will be especially important as we move into Spring.

Lob haircut with chop – the classic Lob haircut has been popular with many of our clients for at least 18 months, but we think 2021 will see a massive rise in the popularity of this look. It gives the ability to play with length without going too short, and a lob with choppy layers delivers texture on thin and fine hair.

Hair extensions – although we’ve been a leading hair extension salon in Bristol for years, they remain a specialist hairdressing service. We predict that hair extensions will boom in 2021, as they give such a huge amount of flexibility whilst also delivering a luxurious look throughout the entire year.

Twilight hair colouring – this is a hair colouring technique that is powerful yet subtle. It combines babylights and ombre, which provides clients with a strong look that isn’t dramatic. Our hair colouring experts in Bristol will advise you.

Please keep an eye on our Bristol hairdressing blog here for the latest updates on Bristol hair trends.

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