June 2016


Olaplex hair treatment offers now available in central Bristol

We’ve got another exclusive offer this week from the central Bristol hair salon at Aidan Garlington on all Olaplex hair treatments in central Bristol for existing and new clients.

Olaplex hair treatments in central Bristol from Aidan Garlington

Olaplex is the only hair treatment product available on the market currently which actively reconstructs disulphide bonds in hair, effectively rebuilding hair and adding strength, volume and body. It’s an incredible hair treatment.

Our Olaplex hair treatments in central Bristol can be offered as a standalone hair treatment service, as well as being added to hair during a colouring.

The biggest benefits of using Olaplex as a leading hair treatment from our Baldwin Street-based hair salon are for clients with thin hair and heavily-coloured hair.

Olaplex has been advocated by many celebrities in recent months, including Kim Kardashian, and her highly-publicised hair colour changes from black to blonde and back to back have all been assisted by the use of Olaplex.

A typical Olaplex hair treatment for clients involves the following process:

Number One Olaplex product is applied for five minutes, followed by Number Two Olaplex product to activate the hair reconstruction treatment.

After the hair is rinsed the treatment is complete and Number Three Olaplex product is given to the client to take away and use at home once a week.

Our Olaplex hair treatment usually costs £20 in salon, with a blowdry at £20 and Number Three Olaplex take-home product retailing at £33. Total of £73.

Our exclusive blog offer on Olaplex hair treatments is simple – get the following elements at discounted prices from our central Bristol hair studio:

Olaplex treatment plus Number Three product to take home £45

Full treatment, plus blowdry, plus Number Three product      £65

To get this fantastic offer, simply quote ‘Olaplex Blog’ when you make your booking with us for our superb Olaplex hair treatments in central Bristol.

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