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NEW treatments available for sun-damaged hair in central Bristol

Many of our clients are coming back from Summer holidays and asking what we can do to help them – and we’ve now got new treatments available for sun-damaged hair in central Bristol to offer.

treatments sun-damaged hair central Bristol

We offer a bespoke and prescriptive approach to haircare and hair treatments, and the first step is always a full and free hair consultation to establish the exact nature of the hair damage and what’s needed.

Some clients have come to see us after buying haircare products online and trying them with varying levels of success for their haircare issues. And whilst it’s always possible to get a cheaper product deal online, it rarely comes with salon expertise and free advice from central Bristol hairstylists.

After Summer holidays, hair can be brittle, sun-damaged, dehydrated, and with faded colour. All of these issues can be addressed and resolved.

Clients can opt for a hair treatment such as a deep moisturising treatment using leading brands such as Serie Expert and Olaplex.

Our hair treatments start from only £10, with Olaplex hair treatments being available at our Baldwin Street hair salon for £20.

Coloured hair can also suffer after a Summer holiday, and we provide a colour refresh service, which adds shine and vitality back into coloured hair.

Our team of central Bristol haircare experts are on hand to advise and assist you, with top-quality products and a huge amount of experience to guide you.

To book with one of our team of Bristol hairdressers, please visit here.

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