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The perfect Summer hairstyle in Bristol – Loose Curls

This year, our team of Baldwin Street hairdressers have been discussing the best seasonal hairstyling and we’ve decided that the perfect Summer hairstyle in Bristol for 2019 is Loose Curls.

Loose Curls Summer hairstyling is our favourite choice for 2019, as it suits a multitude of hair types and hair lengths, and is a low-maintenance, natural and flowing seasonal look for our clients to try during the warmer weather.

Summer hairstyle Bristol Loose Curls

This simple and versatile Summer hairstyling is something our team has been delivering for clients a lot in recent weeks, and we’ve been providing Loose Curls in different colours and for different hair lengths at our Bristol hair salon.

Summer hairstyling Bristol Loose Curls

One of our favourite ways to create a stunning Loose Curls Summer hairstyle at our central Bristol salon is by using Cloud Nine Curling Wands to give loose, carefree curls easily, but with a cared-for, yet relaxed, look.

Summer hairstyles Bristol Loose Curls

Loose Curls can be worked with hair straighteners, curling tongs, or a blow-dry. Depending on the client’s hair type, curls can either drop on their own, or our stylists will pull them through with fingers or a comb, as required.

Best Summer haircut Bristol 2019 Loose Curls

There’s no set example for Loose Curls for Summer, but on average this look takes between 30 minutes and one hour, with hair products used varying from curling cream, beach spray or a L’Oreal Transformer product.

Summer hairstyling in Bristol 2019

We can deliver a huge range of versatile and different Loose Curl hairstyles in our Bristol hair salon, and costs range from between £15 and £30, depending on the stylist providing the look.

Loose Curls Summer hairstyling Bristol

Our Baldwin Street hairdressers also provide a full and free hair consultation for all clients, so ask in-salon for further details when you visit us.

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