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The best Spring hair care tips from our central Bristol hairstylists

With the Spring now fully upon us, more and more clients are looking for the best Spring hair care tips from our central Bristol hairdressers, so we decided to put together a round-up of our best hints and tips here on our Blog too.

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The Spring can be a tricky season for clients’ hair, as the increase in humidity and sun levels can cause significant damage to hair if regular treatments and ongoing conditioning regimes aren’t maintained throughout the new season.

The team of hairstylists at our Baldwin Street hair salon firstly recommend using a conditioning masque once a week, or twice weekly if the hair is particularly damaged from Winter weather condition and drying out.

We wrote a blog post here about free Serie Expert hair treatments currently available at our Bristol hair salon.

Our Bristol hairdressers are also advising clients to give their hair regular trims to remove damaged and split ends throughout the Spring.

Spring hair care tips from Bristol hairdressers

A third handy hint for Spring hair care from our hairstylists in central Bristol involves clients changing their shampoo and conditioner to opt for a lighter hair product regime during the Spring. This can help to remove frizz and reduce associated problems during the new season. Ask in-salon for help.

Another great but simple Spring hair tip is to use a nourishing light hair care oil or serum during the next few months, to add extra moisture and conditioning to hair as it adapts and deals with changing weather conditions.

Using a fantastic hair product such as British Hair Moisturising Masque can really help improve hair condition. Read this blog post here to find out more about Moisture Masque, as well as getting a discounted deal too.

Spring hair care tips from central Bristol hairstylists

The final Spring hair care tip from our central Bristol hairstyling team is a simple one – wherever possible, allow hair to dry naturally, to prevent the damage that can be caused using hair dryers, hair curlers, hair straighteners and hair wands. Excess heat to hair can be a real problem during the Spring.

We also offer all clients a full and free hair consultation, so if you’re unsure about the condition and integrity of your hair make sure you get an expert hair care consultation form one of our stylists when you are next booked in.

Spring hair care at Bristol hair salon Aidan Garlington Hair Design

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