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Looking for a Tom Hardy men’s haircut in Bristol? Read this!

We’ve had a few requests in recent weeks for a Tom Hardy style of men’s haircut in Bristol from our male hairdressing clients visiting our Baldwin Street hair salon.

Seeing as this British actor has such a strong and iconic look, our team of central Bristol hairdressers decided to focus on this particular hairstyle for men, seeing as we offer the full range of gents hairdressing services.

Tom Hardy men's haircut in Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

The picture above sporting one of Tom Hardy’s recent popular looks is a great example to recreate, and our male hairstyling clients have loved this one.

It’s a short and sharp clipper cut on the sides, leaving some length at the top to create a workable, texturized finish.

The Tom Hardy look was finished using clay wax, with British Hair texturizing powder and Beach Waves sea salt spray for a messy but defined men’s hairstyling look.

Pricing for this men’s haircut at our central Bristol hair salon ranges from £19 to £24 – just ask for further details when you visit us, or ring to book your appointment.

Tom Hardy gents hairdressing style in Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

The second picture of Tom above shows a variation on the previous look. As the initial style grows out, the sides become softer and can be styled and worn pushed back. The top can then be left with a swept back, sleeker look.

We offer all of our men’s hairdressing clients a full and free hair consultation in central Bristol, so if you’re unsure which men’s haircut is right for you, simply ask one of the hairdressing team at our Baldwin Street hair salon and we’ll be happy to advise you further on the best men’s haircuts and products.

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