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What are the top men’s haircut trends for Summer 2018 in Bristol?

A few of our male hairdressing clients were chatting this week about the top men’s haircuts for Summer 2018 in Bristol, so we decided to write a blog post about what we think will be the hottest looks for men this year.

men's haircut trends Summer 2018 Bristol

We recently wrote a blog post about the latest trends in gents’ hairdressing in Bristol – visit here to find out more.

One of the most popular Summer haircuts for men at our central Bristol hair salon remains the Textured Crop Haircut.

The crop has been a haircut that’s remained popular for over 12 months, and our central Bristol hairdressers expect to see more men going for it this Summer. The biggest factor is texture throughout plus choosing either a blunt fringe or choppy, textured look. We offer a full and free consultation to men.

men's Summer haircuts in Bristol

Another popular men’s haircut will be the Short Textured Quiff Haircut – particularly after the change by David Beckham from longer locks to a low-maintenance men’s haircut for the Summer.

It’s a versatile Summer hairstyle for men who want a shorter cut but also a hairstyle that doesn’t need too much work in the morning. It works best with texture and a loose, unstructured look.

A third favourite men’s hairstyle for Summer will be the Classic Short Back & Sides Haircut, which is perfect for office workers looking for a stylish cut.

Best Summer haircuts for men in Bristol

This look has made a big comeback recently, particularly after films such as Dunkirk and Harry Styles wearing this look with dramatic effect in the movie.

We recommend using a matte clay or paste product to style this look, but it can also be upgraded with a low fade or taper on the sides to modernise it.

One of the favourite Summer hairstyles for men in Bristol is also a Natural Side Parting Haircut, which is effectively a twist on the classic side parting.

best Summer haircuts for men in Bristol

It’s the perfect smart haircut for Summer for men, and is a great look for guys who want to look smart but with a natural and relaxed look. Using a medium-strength matte paste to style this men’s hairstyle produces the best look.

Men with Long and Wavy Hair will also be another popular choice at our Bristol hair salon, as Summer weather is good for longer, loose styling.

Summer hairstyles for guys in Bristol

The skin fades of 2017 have moved more towards longer locks during the Winter months, and we’ve seen that male hairdressing clients are now looking to go for a more relaxed and tousled look if their hair is longer or very curly.

Using a sea salt spray is the best way to enhance natural curls and long hair.

Another fantastic men’s hairstyle to watch out for this Summer in Bristol will be the Soft Undercut, first made popular in 2016 with Brad Pitt in the hit movie Fury. It’s a great men’s haircut to match up with a long beard.

Summer haircuts in Bristol for men 2018

Utilising a clean fade on the side and back provides a smart casual look that’s really versatile at both the office and the beach.

Our Bristol hairdressers can guide and advise on the best men’s Summer haircut to match your face shape, hair type, and hair regime.

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