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What’s the best Halloween hairstyle in Bristol for 2019?

It’s nearly that time of year again, and many of our clients are asking what’s the best Halloween hairstyle in Bristol for 2019.

best Halloween hairstyle Bristol 2019

One of the firm favourites for Halloween hairstyling from our Baldwin Street hairdressers is a classic hair-up, which is a quick, simple but superb way to enjoy a night out at Halloween.

Hair-Up services at our central Bristol salon range from £15 to £35, depending on the stylist providing the service.

Bob hairstyling in Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

A sharp and short haircut is also another option when it comes to a Halloween hairdo in Bristol for 2019. The above example is low-maintenance but memorable!

Creative cuts for Halloween at our Baldwin Street hair studio range from £36 to £49.50, depending on the stylist working with a client.

Halloween hair colouring Bristol 2019

A third option for Halloween hair this year from our central Bristol hairstylists could be hair colouring – such as the attention-grabbing example above. A bright red or green is perfect for Halloween celebrations in town.

Prices for hair colouring are available in-salon, so simply phone up and mention this blog post or pop in to see one of our hair colouring experts.

We also provide full and free hair consultations, so our team can guide and advise you on the best Halloween hairstyles to try for 2019.

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