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Haircut of the month in Bristol – Cropped Hair for women this Summer

It’s that time of the month here at Aidan Garlington Hair Design when we dedicate our central Bristol hair salon blog to a specific haircut or hairstyle to showcase it for readers and clients.

And with Summer upon us, we’re going to review a popular hairstyle for our female clients – cropped hair for women this Summer in Bristol.

Bristol cropped hair for women at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

The essential element to this women’s hairstyle is to have it cropped on one side and longer on the other. It’s a dramatic, statement haircut and great for Summer weather, as it allows movement and air flow across the face and neck during warmer weather, whilst still retaining a strong signature look.

The women’s haircut in the pictures above was delivered using scissors and clippers, with the scissors creating texture and giving added softness overall.

The full head colour was from a bleach and tone treatment, followed by application of Fuschia colour from the Milkshake hair colouring brand.

The scissor cut at the side provides a strong look, whilst the cropping element leads into a longer level on the left from a graduated bob and a soft fringe.

This gorgeous example of cropped hair for women took approximately two and three quarter hours to deliver and costs from £93, depending on the stylists level providing the cut and colour.

Ask the hairstyling team at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol for further details when you make your booking. It’s a fantastic Summer look!

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