NEW hairdressing service – partial hair extensions in central Bristol


NEW hairdressing service – partial hair extensions in central Bristol

With the New Year moving from Winter to Spring soon, and with many clients considering different looks, we’re pleased to announce a new hairdressing service at our Baldwin Street salon – partial hair extensions in central Bristol.

partial hair extensions in Bristol

We’ve been one of the leading providers of Beauty Works hair extensions in Bristol for some time now, but recently clients have been asking for a different twist on our expert hair extensions, and we’re pleased to be able to help.

Our new partial hair extension service will be popular for clients looking to get a new look for 2018, as well as giving a low-maintenance, high-impact style.

partial hair extensions in Bristol

Clients looking to add more volume to their hair can get our partial hair extensions to the sides, giving them longer and thicker hair.

Our hair extension experts also provide a full and free consultation, so all clients considering this new hairdressing service will get a bespoke look.

partial hair extensions in central Bristol at Aidan Garlington Hair Design

The price for partial hair extensions will vary on application with each client, but the service will be starting from just £100 for the application of up to 25 bonds, using Beauty Works hair extensions at our central Bristol hair studio.

Depending on a client’s needs, it could be possible to thicken hair and add volume with partial hair extensions using just 25 bonds, but our hair extension stylists will be able to advise a client further on each individual consultation.

partial hair extensions in Bristol at Aidan garlington Hair Design

Other benefits of partial hair extensions include a non-commitment to different hair colours by using hair extensions, adding volume in specific areas and increasing hair length to certain areas, such as strengthening up the baseline of a Bob haircut.

We’ve got a special offer on our new partial hair extension service – simply mention this blog post when you make your booking, and you’ll get your first follow-up hair extension maintenance appointment worth £25 for free!

To find out more about our hair extension services in central Bristol, read this blog post.

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