Exclusive offer on NEW Moroccan Oil Chroma Tech Hair Colour Protection service in Bristol


Exclusive offer on NEW Moroccan Oil Chroma Tech Hair Colour Protection service in Bristol

As many regular clients visiting our central Bristol hair salon know, our team of Baldwin Street hairdressers adore Moroccan Oil hair products.

And we’re delighted to be giving an exclusive offer on new products in the Moroccan Oil range – Chroma Tech Hair Protection treatments are now available in Bristol.

Moroccan Oil Chroma Tech Bristol

As part of the new ‘Color Complete’ range, Moroccan Oil are helping clients with coloured hair to extend the life and vibrancy of their hair colouring.

Developed specifically to prevent coloured hair from fading and looking brassy, after 10 washes the Color Complete collection from Moroccan Oil has been scientifically-proven to extend hair colour life and vibrancy by 100%.

Our new Moroccan Oil Chroma Tech treatments in Bristol are just amazing!

Moroccan Oil products Bristol

The first stage is to use Color Continue Shampoo. Sulphate-free and gentle on coloured hair, it repairs both chemically and physically, so that the hair is able to hold colour more effectively and for longer.

The second stage is to apply Color Continue Conditioner, which features a nourishing technology breakthrough in hair care, designed to help rebuild the keratin structure and lock in colour using new ColorLink technology.

The third step is to use Protect & Prevent Spray, which works by shielding coloured hair from environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution and thermal damage.

This new Spray from Morrocan Oil helps to reduce brassiness and fading of hair colour at the source, whilst this weightless leave-in conditioner also features ArganID technology to repair and seal every hair cuticle.

To celebrate the launch of this new Moroccan Oil Chroma Tech in Bristol, we’ve got an exclusive offer to give new and existing clients.

Color Complete Shampoo costs £19.50, Color Complete Conditioner is £20.65, whilst the Spray is £22.65.

Clients can get the in-salon Chroma Tech service for only £10, whilst we also have trial packs of shampoo, conditioner and spray for only £13.27 – usually retailing £25. Available while stocks last at our Baldwin Street hair salon!

Simply mention this blog post and ask in-salon for more details about these amazing new Chroma Tech treatments from Moroccan Oil in central Bristol.

To find out more about Moroccan Oil products, please visit here.

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