Low maintenance hairstyles to try in Bristol over Covid-19 lockdown


Low maintenance hairstyles to try in Bristol over Covid-19 lockdown

We’ve had a few clients emailing our Baldwin Street salon this week asking for the best low maintenance hairstyles to try during Bristol lockdown, so we thought it would be useful to also write a dedicated blog post on the subject.

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The main consideration is the condition of hair, and low maintenance hairstyles that simply hold hair up are also ideal for utilising additional hair treatments and hair masques as you get on with your day at home.

Protecting hair integrity without having too much focus on hairstyling is our advice, as well as going for simple looks that hold hair up.

When it comes to putting hair up, we also recommend not using tight rubber bands, but going for hair-friendly accessories instead such InvisiBobbles.

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With root colours coming through during Bristol lockdown, it’s also a good time to play around with different looks, including putting up hair in different styles such as Zig-Zag Partings and sweeping the hair across rather than leaving it as a straight parting, to help disguise roots coming through.

Simple and easy low maintenance hairstyles to try include Messy Buns, Top Knots, Hair-Ups, Space Buns and Plaits. These are quick, easy and versatile hairstyling options, which can all be done within 10-15 minutes and will keep your hair up, protected, and stress-free for you during Bristol lockdown.

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Our team of hairstyling experts in Bristol will be on hand and ready to help you in-salon when the lockdown lifts across the region, but until then we recommend keeping it simple with styling and focusing on hair condition.

If you have any other low maintenance hairstyle questions, please feel free to get in touch with our central Bristol hairdressers here during lockdown.

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