Looking for hair straightening services for men in Bristol? Read this!


Looking for hair straightening services for men in Bristol? Read this!

With the recent warm, humid weather, we’ve had an increase in demand for hair straightening services for men in Bristol, and decided to post on our central Bristol hairdressing blog about the subject.

hair straightening for men Bristol

Although hair straightening for men in Bristol has traditionally been a low-demand service at our Baldwin Street hair salon, the trend for longer hair for men during and after lockdown this year has seen a rise in the number of male clients visiting us and requiring hair straightening services.

Our favourite hair product treatment to use for hair straightening services is X-Tenso Moisturist. Perfect for rebellious frizzy hair, it’s designed by L’Oreal to deliver smooth, shiny and de-volumised hair for men and women.

X-Tenso Moisturist utilises new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing effect, and our male clients have been blown away by it.

Delivering long-lasting professional volume and frizz control, this is our favourite professional hair relaxer product for curly and unruly hair.

Whether a male client wants to reduce the volume, retain volume, go smooth and sleek, this exclusive hair straightening treatment for men is the key.

Available in-salon, and with the expert hair straightening advice from our men’s hairstyling team on Baldwin Street, using X-Tenso Moisturist from L’Oreal will transform the way you view hair straightening permanently.

We predict that this hair straightening treatment for men and women will also be in high demand throughout the rest of the year, as moisture and increased wet weather through the Autumn can also curl unruly hair for many clients.

Please mention this Blog post when you book your next hair straightening appointment with our central Bristol hair studio.

If you have any queries about our hair straightening services for men, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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