Looking for hair colouring help during Bristol lockdown? Read this!


Looking for hair colouring help during Bristol lockdown? Read this!

With the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak across the UK, many clients have been in touch recently and are worried about hair colouring help during the Bristol lockdown.

Luckily, we have a few secrets to share, including this miracle Root Concealer product to use called L’Oreal Hair Touch Up.

hair colouring help Bristol lockdown

As part of the L’Oreal Professional range, Hair Touch Up Root Concealer is a fantastic and versatile product, designed to give quick and easy hair colouring help during difficult times when a visit to our Bristol hair salon isn’t possible.

Whilst some clients might be tempted to try a box dye, it’s worth remembering that our team of hair colouring stylists on Baldwin Street know our clients exact hair colour, so utilising a Root Concealer product from us means that we can also get the closest possible match to your actual hair colour.

hair colour help Bristol lockdown

If you’re worried about your hair colouring at this time, we would advise that the most important consideration is in fact the condition not colour of your hair. Maintaining hair health and integrity is the biggest priority right now.

Many clients are also growing out hair, and trying new and different hairstyling at the moment, and hairstyling around the fringes, for example, can go a long way to hiding fading hair colouring for certain hair types and hairstyles.

We really love L’Oreal Hair Touch Up Root Concealer, and at only £9 it’s a real bargain for those looking to boost their hair colouring around the roots.

hair colouring help in Bristol during Covid-19

This simple spray is perfect to cover up hair colours going, and lasts from one shampoo to the next. It’s only £9, and can be ordered from our salon through the contact link below. We’ll then have it posted out directly to your home.

If you have any other hair colouring questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Baldwin street hairdressers here during lockdown.

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