FREE hair care resources in lockdown from Bristol hairdressers


FREE hair care resources in lockdown from Bristol hairdressers

The impact of Covid-19 has been huge for many of our clients, so we decided to write a blog post dedicated to free hair care resources in lockdown from Bristol hairdressers.

Despite our Baldwin Street salon currently being shut, we’ve got a number of online blogs, hints, tips and free advice readily available from our team of Bristol hairdressers, so clients can still get the best hair care help possible.

free hair care resources lockdown Bristol hairdressers

We’re getting emails every week from lovely clients, with a range of hair care, hair colouring, hairstyling and general hair health queries during lockdown.

Here are our most popular recent hair care resources during previous lockdowns in Bristol, containing helpful ways to keep your hair healthy.

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We are currently advising clients during the 2021 lockdown that the most important factor to remember is to keep hair hydrated and in condition, with moisture-based products. This is relevant for hair of any length or type.

Without moisturising and hydrating the hair and scalp on a daily basis, it’s easy to cause damage that can affect hair health for weeks or months after.

As long as hair is healthy and hydrated, our team of central Bristol hairdressers will be on hand when lockdown ends to professionally take care of all your hairstyling and hair colouring needs in our gorgeous new salon.

To find out more about any hair care resources you need during the lockdown in Bristol, please email the salon via and mention this blog post.

If you’d like more information about our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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