Looking for an eco-friendly hair salon in Bristol? Read this!


Looking for an eco-friendly hair salon in Bristol? Read this!

As a leading eco-friendly hair salon in Bristol, we don’t often shout about our Green credentials, but thought it would be useful to highlight some of the environmentally-friendly practices we implement at our Baldwin Street salon.

eco-friendly hair salon Bristol

As far as possible, for example, we use refillable hair products to ensure that the minimum amount of plastic and packaging is used in our Bristol salon.

The Source Essentielle range above from L’Oreal is a great example of one of our leading hair products brands that utilises hair product refills for eco-benefit. It saves us wasting unnecessary resources on hair product bottles.

eco-friendly hair salon central Bristol

Our central Bristol hairdressers also use Easy Dry towels, which are made from recycled materials, and require lower temperatures to clean fully. Easy Dry towels clean at only 60 degrees, and require no detergent products either.

Our Bristol hair salon also uses LED lighting throughout, and our electricity is provided by a Green supplier that only offers recycled, eco-friendly electricity.

best eco-friendly hair salon Bristol

Many of our clients value the effort and time we take to ensure that our hairdressing services leave a minimal environmental footprint, whilst providing high-quality salon experiences for our clients, time-after-time.

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