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Summer 2021 hair trends in Bristol from our Baldwin Street hairdressers

Having got through a year of self-maintenance and home haircuts, it’s great to be able to review Summer 2021 hair trends in Bristol from our Baldwin Street hairdressers.

And whereas last Summer was minimalist, the Summer 2021 hair trends in Bristol will be maximalist, with face-framing fringes, 70s-inspired hairstyling, modern takes on classic cuts and exciting new bold hair colours.

Spring hairstyles in Bristol

Some of the hottest Summer hairstyles will include Mullets, Bangs, Bobs and Layered Shags.

Whilst many clients prefer to go for shorter hair during the warmer Summer months, other clients prefer to keep some length to enhance styling options.

A Pixie Cut or Sharp Bob are great for keeping the neck cool in the sun, but sometimes it can also be good to consider the length a Layered Shag or Mullet can offer.

We’re going to see more clients going for a not-too-short and not-too-long hair length, with a rise in mid-length hairstyle requests as Summer progresses.

The ever-popular mid-length chop ‘Hot Girl Bob’ is a favourite with our clients, whilst a chunky 70s Mullet, Layered Shag with a curtain fringe are also options for Summer 2021.

Layered Shag:

This simple and versatile Summer hairstyle has made a massive comeback, with a rise in popularity across Bristol.

A heavy fringe with length on the sides delivers shape and style.

70’s Mullet:

The rise of the Mullet has been widely publicised in the Press by celebrities bringing back this iconic look.

This Summer, this hairstyle will be popular as the Mullet gives a strong image across the city for many clients to get back to basics.

Hot Girl Bob:

A Bob haircut is always a favourite Summer hairstyle in Bristol, and this year the variety of Bob hairstyles will be superb.

We can, of course, advise you on the best type of Bob hairstyle to match your face shape. A Hot Girl Bob retains mid-length and easy maintenance.

Half & Half Colour:

The release of Hollywood Movie Cruella has seen clients asking for half and half hair colours, and our hair colouring experts on Baldwin Street can help.

We predict that this Summer will see experimental hair colours becoming popular, with reds and greens being popular from now until September.

We strongly recommend that any clients who have not yet booked a hair appointment for July to get in touch by either ringing the salon on 0117 376 3248 or email us at

If you’d like more information about the hairdressing services offered at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


What are the most popular Bristol hairstyles after lockdown?

Many clients visiting our Baldwin Street salon are asking our team what are the most popular Bristol hairstyles after lockdown.

So we thought we’d write a blog post to highlight the hottest hairstyles and most popular hair trends and lengths following our central Bristol studio opening its doors again following government guidance.

most popular bristol hairstyles

Many clients have become bored with their old look in lockdown, or have become frustrated to see their hair length getting beyond comfortable.

Other clients, however, have embraced longer hair, but were struggling to style and condition it in lockdown, and have asked our team for advice.

After the first lockdowns of 2020 in Bristol, we noted that a large number of clients decided to grow their hair, and wanted advice on maintaining longer hair after lockdown.

We’re also seeing that clients who are keeping length are going for shorter layers reminiscent of Shag and Mullet hairstyles from the seventies.

Following the lifting of the 2021 lockdown, however, we are seeing more clients deciding to now go shorter than usual, with precision haircuts.

In particular, easy-to-care-for hairstyles are proving popular recently with crops and short bobs being the most popular hairstyles in Bristol.

We wrote a blog post about why a Bob haircut is popular in Bristol that’s worth reading.

It highlights the versatility and ease of care which is the signature of any good Bob haircut.

Crops haircuts and Short Bob haircuts are popular in Spring and Summer with clients, as they require minimal attention and maintenance.

We offer precision haircuts at our Baldwin Street hair salon such as crops and Bobs for £49.50 which also includes a cut and blow-dry.

We strongly recommend that any clients who have not yet secured an appointment for May to get in touch by either ringing the salon on 0117 376 3248 or email us at

If you’d like more information about the hairdressing services offered at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


New Covid-safe central Bristol hair salon now open for business

We’re really pleased to announce that our brand spanking new Covid-safe central Bristol hair salon is open for business after the last 2021 lockdown.

The team of Baldwin Street hairdressers at our new Aidan Garlington Hair Design central Bristol hair studio are raring to go from Monday 12 April.

free hair care resources Bristol hairdressers

The new salon, which is still on Baldwin Street where our original salon was based for 10 years, gives a luxurious, modern and Covid-safe hairdressing experience in central Bristol for a wide range of clients.

Although we were fitting out the new salon and were ready to officially launch at the start of the year, the latest Covid-19 lockdown in January halted the exciting new hair salon being available to our clients.

We have the same previous high level of Covid-safe measures in place throughout the salon, as well as a brand new ventilation and extraction fan system in place, to ensure a consistent flow of fresh air.

We are still wearing face masks and visors, as well as extended cleaning and sanitising times after each appointment has been completed.

We also request that any client who has not had hair colouring services with us for over six months will be required to have a fresh skin patch test taken.

Under the current regulations, we are able to welcome a husband and wife bubble into the salon now and are continuing to operate track and trace, with either a QR code scan or manual sign-in upon being welcomed into the salon for each appointment.

Bookings for our hairdressing and hair colouring services are obviously booking up extremely quickly. We anticipate a very hectic 6-8 weeks!

We strongly recommend that any clients who have not yet secured an appointment for May to get in touch by either ringing the salon on 0117 376 3248 or email us at

If you’d like more information about the hairdressing services offered at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


Bristol hairdressers unveil the hottest hair colours for Spring 2021

The seasons are changing and we’ve had so many clients emailing and ringing us, that our Bristol hairdressers are going to now unveil the hottest hair colouring for Spring 2021.

Whilst the overarching trend this year has been low maintenance hair colouring due to the Covid-19 restrictions forcing all Bristol hair salons to remain shut, we have a few hot hair colours to share with you from our Baldwin Street central studio.

Bristol hair colours Spring 2021

So, what are the hottest hair colours for Spring 2021 in Bristol?

Warm Blonde

This Spring’s top blonde hair colour in Bristol will be bright but warm. Warm Blonde is a fantastic lighter hair colour to deliver in-salon, with a bright, one-tone blonde that doesn’t turn white or grey as Spring becomes Summer.

Medium Copper

Continuing from last year’s favourite hair colour Copper, Spring 2021 will see Medium Copper becoming the one to watch. It’s a new take on traditional copper hair colouring and gives a warm Spring glow to medium and dark hair shades. A medium natural copper shade will be all the rage in Bristol.

Almond Tips

As the weather warms up, we think clients will be thinking about adding soft tones to hair for this Spring. Warm nutty tones deliver a soft Spring hair colouring, and almond-type tones give hair tips a lighter edge for 2021.

Caramel Balayage

Spring 2021 is going to see a surge in demand for Caramel Balayage, as golden highlights continue to be a popular choice for our Bristol clients. The freestyle results from balayage will continue to be a big hit this year.

Perky Peach

Peach hair colours were popular back in the Autumn, and we predict that Spring 2021 will see a resurgence in demand for this eye-turning look. Peach is such a warm hair colour that gives a gorgeous glow and is really versatile.

Pastel Balayage

Clients who want slices of hair colour but not the full commitment of all-over hair colouring may well go for a Pastel Balayage in Bristol this Spring. Colour is painted on selected pieces of hair. It’s a high-maintenance but gorgeous look.

We are currently offering free online hair consultations during the lockdown, so if you’re unsure which hair colour would suit you best for Spring 2021, just get in touch with us to discuss your seasonal hair colouring needs in detail.

If you’d like more information about the hair colouring services offered at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


What are the best Spring haircuts in Bristol for 2021?

March is here already and with the official change of season this month, we’ve had clients asking us what are the best Spring haircuts for 2021 in Bristol.

Covid-19 and the lockdowns of the last 12 months have had a huge impact on hairdressing in Bristol.

Seasonal hair trends are still important to monitor, and the hottest Spring haircuts for 2021 according to our Baldwin Street hairdressers will be:

Spring Bob

Spring hairstyles in Bristol

The Bob haircut is a firm favourite, with clients choosing different styles of Bob in each season. Spring is a great time to restructure a haircut with a fresh look.

Clients with straighter hair like to experiment with blunt, unstructured bob styling and the Spring is a great time to experiment with different types of bob hair styling.

Mix it up, for example, by putting hair behind the ears or increasing natural movement at the back for 2021.

Natural Curls

Summer hairstyling in Bristol 2019

Spring 2021 will see shorter natural curls being more popular in Bristol, for three good reasons.

Firstly, it’s a low maintenance haircut, secondly, shorter curls bounce more, and thirdly, there’s the versatility with shorter natural curly hair in terms of adding different lengths across a cut to achieve amazing results.

Natural curls that are shorter and boxy but give a huge amount of movement, and look fantastic with minimal effort or upkeep.

Healthy Shine

copper balayage bristol

One of the main issues during previous lockdowns for clients in Bristol has been maintaining healthy hair. Well-hydrated, conditioned and shiny hair looks fantastic – whatever the haircut or hair length.

Our central Bristol hairdressers predict that a hot Spring haircut will include shiny hair. This could be through the use of conditioning and hydrating products in the shower, or leave-in conditioning products, or a mix of both.

Covid-19 has ensured that we’re all more aware and conscious now about healthy hair, so Spring 2021 will see long and short haircuts that are moisturised, glossy and deeply conditioned.

If you’d like more information about the seasonal hairstyling services offered at our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


FREE online hair consultations from central Bristol hairdressers

Having had clients getting in touch with various hair issues recently, we’ve decided to offer free online hair consultations from our central Bristol hairdressers in lockdown.

The current lockdown has seen some interesting emails and messages via social media platforms coming in, with clients concerned about a range of hairstyling, hair colouring, hair care and related issues as salons stay shut.

online hair consultations bristol hairdressers

So, to respond quickly and as best as we can whilst our Baldwin Street hair salon stays shut in line with Government restrictions, we’re going to open up a dedicated email address for clients old and new to contact us directly.

Our hair care advice is always highly prescriptive, and unique to each client, so feel free to get in touch during the current Bristol lockdown via to ask us questions or to highlight any concerns.

We’ll be on hand to provide bespoke and individual hair advice to our lovely clients, to ensure that your hair stays in the best possible condition during the lockdown period, and to enable us to better service you on your next visit.

We’ll then book in each client contact via the email address for either a 15-minute phone call or live Zoom video chat, as best suits your requirements.

There are a few free existing resources online which might also be helpful for clients looking for advice on hair colouring, hairstyling and hair care hints – please see below for previous informative blog posts that we’ve written.

We wrote a hair care advice in Bristol lockdown blog post recently – visit here to get access to our expertise.

If you need help with hair colouring issues during lockdown, but are unsure what to do with Bristol hair salons being closed, please visit here to get some simple and clear advice.

If you’re looking for low-maintenance hairstyles to try in the current lockdown, check out this blog post with helpful hints and a few of our favourites.

If you’d like more information about our Baldwin Street hair salon in central Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


Our predictions for hair colour trends in Bristol during 2021

Although our Baldwin Street hair salon is currently shut due to the national lockdown as per Government requirements, we thought it would be a good time to share our predictions for hair colour trends in Bristol during 2021.

copper balayage bristol

So, we’ve got a few gorgeous hair colours for our lovely Bristol clients to consider once the current lockdown ends, including:

Balayage and Ombre

As you can see from the gorgeous Copper Balayage example above taken at our central Bristol salon, the balayage trend will stay with us in 2021.

Balayage gives a low maintenance hair colour option with subtle re-growth, whilst balayage lowlights and highlights don’t show a hard cut line.

Ombre is making a comeback this year too, with the graduation from dark to the roots to light at the ends, providing clients with another really low-maintenance hair colour that’s particularly good for brunette clients who aren’t able to visit the salon every eight weeks to maintain a blonde hair colour.

Ombre is versatile with colours, and can be mixed with direct dyes such as pink and coral shades to deliver flashes of colour.

Dirty Blonde

This hair colour combines warmer blonde tones with a smudged natural root, and has been especially popular with our Bristol clients during 2020, when Covid-19 first arrived and many people went almost feral with their hair.

It’s a simple grungy hair colour look with darker shades underneath, and is sometimes also called 70s Blonde. Ask in-salon for further details after lockdown lifts.

Ravishing Reds

Sales of red hair colouring went through the roof at our central Bristol salon in 2020, with many celebrities opting for red, copper and cherry red colours.

Semi-permanent glosses will also prove more popular in 2021, to give clients a real statement hair colour. We’re seeing a surge of interest in Renaissance Reds, which embody deep rich red hair colouring with copper and bronze tones.

If you’d like to book a Covid-safe hair colouring appointment in Bristol for when the current lockdown ends, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


What are the hottest 2021 hair trends in Bristol to watch out for?

One of the most common questions our clients are asking us is what are the hottest 2021 hair trends in Bristol to watch out for – and we’ve got a few top secret bits of expert advice for you to consider.

2021 hair trends Bristol

Our Baldwin Street hairstylists are predicting that the following hairstyles, creative cuts, and gorgeous hair colours will be popular in Bristol for 2021:

Rose brown hair – this will become a hot hair colour for early 2021, as it’s a low-maintenance option that gives extra dimension to brown hair tones. It’s also really versatile, and works well for clients who are blondes and redheads, albeit with slightly more upkeep.

Pixie haircut – this became a firm favourite during 2020, as short hair became more popular as a manageable hair choice with the onset of Covid-19. Short hair makes life much easier for clients if the salon is forced to go into lockdown, and we’ve seen a big boost in demand for pixie haircuts in Bristol.

Purple silver hair – hybrid hair colours in Bristol will be hugely popular in 2021, with clients looking to blend two colours into one look. Purple silver hair delivers bold, shimmering tints. If you dare to go for it, we can deliver it.

Side-sweeping Bangs – Bang hairstyles will be back on-trend in Bristol this year, and side-sweeping Bangs are going to be hot in 2021. This superb hairstyle gives movement, and highlights facial features. It’s especially strong for those with higher foreheads, as it moves the focus onto a client’s eyes.

Shag haircuts – this look is a great way of adding edge to a hairstyle, giving multiple layers, flowing bangs, and a simple cool look for the year ahead.

Assorted Bobs – whether it’s a Blunt Bob, a Textured Bob, or an Asymmetrical Bob, our Baldwin Street stylists can help. We predict that the Bob in all its forms will be a big hit in 2021, due to its versatility and low maintenance. This will be especially important as we move into Spring.

Lob haircut with chop – the classic Lob haircut has been popular with many of our clients for at least 18 months, but we think 2021 will see a massive rise in the popularity of this look. It gives the ability to play with length without going too short, and a lob with choppy layers delivers texture on thin and fine hair.

Hair extensions – although we’ve been a leading hair extension salon in Bristol for years, they remain a specialist hairdressing service. We predict that hair extensions will boom in 2021, as they give such a huge amount of flexibility whilst also delivering a luxurious look throughout the entire year.

Twilight hair colouring – this is a hair colouring technique that is powerful yet subtle. It combines babylights and ombre, which provides clients with a strong look that isn’t dramatic. Our hair colouring experts in Bristol will advise you.

Please keep an eye on our Bristol hairdressing blog here for the latest updates on Bristol hair trends.

If you’d like to book a Covid-safe hair appointment in Bristol with us, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


Round-Up of 2020 from our Baldwin Street central Bristol hair salon

With a New Year on the way, we thought it would be worth a Round-Up of 2020 from our Baldwin Street Bristol hair salon after a turbulent 12 months.

Despite the devastating impact of Covid-19 for people and businesses across the city, we managed to move into a brand new salon on Baldwin Street, with incredible feedback from clients after lockdown when we could safely open.

Baldwin Street central Bristol hair salon

Our stunning Baldwin Street hair studio may only be next door to our previous salon (where we were based for 10 years) but the new space and re-design with full re-fit has allowed us to provide a luxurious and Covid-safe hairdressing experience in central Bristol for clients old and new.

We’ve invested heavily in making Aidan Garlington Hair Design a relaxing, professional, calm and Covid-safe hair salon in Bristol for all of our clients.

The challenges of opening a new hair salon in central Bristol are tricky enough, but to do it during a global pandemic was very tough indeed.

Thankfully, the moving process was relatively straightforward, and despite a few refit rollovers on deadlines, we managed to get the stunning new salon open in-between the first and second lockdowns.

Baldwin Street Bristol salon

Our small but dedicated team of Bristol hairdressers looks likely to grow in 2021 too, with a Senior Stylist possibly being recruited in the New Year following an incredibly busy December period for the current team.

And, finally, our current ranges of global brands for hair styling products, hair conditioning products, hair care products and hair straighteners – as well as men’s hair and grooming products – have been even more popular this year.

We’re so grateful to our clients for making sure that we all got through 2020 relatively sane, and are looking forward to seeing you all again in January.

If you’re wondering what a Covid-safe Bristol hair salon should be doing to protect clients and stylists in 2021, we wrote a blog post about the measures being taken at our central Bristol salon – find out more here.

If you’d like to book a Covid-safe hair appointment in Bristol for January, please feel free to get in touch with us here.


The best Autumn hair care in Bristol with Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

Here at Aidan Garlington Hair Design, we’re now able to provide clients with the best Autumn hair care in Bristol using Olaplex No.7 Bonding oil.

best autumn hair care Bristol Olaplex Bonding Oil

This hair care product is perfect for application during Autumn months, and offers unrivalled support and strength for hair condition, hair repair, hair bonding, and hair conditioning during the wetter, colder months to come.

This superb product has been available at our Baldwin Street salon since February, but the March lockdown has meant that client weren’t able to access it as readily as now. This has been our most popular Autumn hair care product in stock in recent weeks, and clients are giving us great feedback.

No.7 Bonding Oil is a re-bonding and hair strengthening hair product, which reduced frizzy and flyaway hair. It absorbs into the structure of the hair, and only a small amount is needed to deliver big benefits in hair care, hair protection, and the reduction of hair drying time needed on a daily basis.

Suitable for all hair types, it is a vegan-friendly hair care product, animal cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free, phthalates free, nut free and PH balanced, giving clients complete confidence whilst utilising its benefits.

It’s available in-salon in a 30ml bottle, and costing £28.

The patented hair care system from Olaplex works in a number of ways at a molecular level. To find out more, please visit here.

We’ve been huge advocates of the full range of Olaplex hair care and hair strengthening products for some time now, and client love these products.

We wrote recently about another amazing Olaplex hair conditioning product – read here to find out more.

To find out more about No.7 Bonding Oil, please visit here.

If you’d like to find out more about the best Autumn hair care in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch with us here.