Bristol hairdressers give advice on handling longer hair in lockdown


Bristol hairdressers give advice on handling longer hair in lockdown

Our team of Bristol hairdressers at Aidan Garlington Hair Design have been giving clients free advice via emails, social media channels, blog posts, and phone calls on handling longer hair in lockdown.

bristol hairdressers advice longer hair lockdown

And with the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the Bristol lockdown since late March has meant that more clients are looking at ways to manage, clean, condition, and style longer hair than they have been used to before.

The senior team of stylists at our central Bristol hair studio are on hand to [provide experienced tips and tricks for clients looking to ensure that their hair looks good and is in great condition, whatever the length it’s grown to.

When it comes to handling longer hair in lockdown, our Bristol hairstylists have a few simple tips to bear in mind until salons can safely re-open.

Hair growing out and getting longer can provide clients with the perfect opportunity to experiment with different looks at home, including:

Side sweeping of partings – this also helps to cover up roots and colour fade

New colours – research online and look at new colours to try when in-salon

Balayage – a freehand and versatile hair colouring technique we specialise in

One of the most important elements to consider during lockdown with longer hair is the conditioning of the hair and scalp, as well as maintaining hair integrity. Condition of hair is everything, and this cannot be stressed enough.

Tying up hair with Hair Bobbles rather than restricting bands can help to ease the pressure and strain on longer hair when it is tied up in lockdown, too.

One of the simplest ways to keep longer hair looking and feeling good is by applying leave-in conditioners weekly, to give extra moisture and hydration.

Something we also tell clients in-salon who have dry hair, fine hair, or longer hair in bad condition is simply not to touch and pull it about if possible.

Leaving the hair alone lets it rest, breathe, and maintain a higher hydration.

Some of the recent blog posts we’ve published for clients to help them with hair colouring, root concealing, hair care, hairstyling at home, and other issues in lockdown across Bristol include:

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If you have any queries about the best ways to handle longer hair in lockdown, please feel free to get in touch with the experienced Bristol hairdressers at our Baldwin Street salon here.

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