What’s better after Bristol lockdown lifts – hair colour correction or hair colouring?


What’s better after Bristol lockdown lifts – hair colour correction or hair colouring?

One of the most common questions clients are asking us at Aidan Garlington hair Design is What’s better when Bristol lockdown lifts – hair colour correction or hair colouring?

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As many clients are now approaching three months without any hair colouring due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many have been in touch asking what to do.

Over time hair hardens and becomes more difficult to colour. It needs a new colour application, and this can be costly, as well as time-consuming.

With the current lockdown in place across Bristol, many people are seeing that their old hair colouring has grown out, whilst some fancy a complete change. We’ve also heard a few horror stories involving box colours at home.

This is where a hair colour correction can sometimes be a better services for a client compared to a traditional hair colouring service.

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Hair colour correction is also a useful service when hair is exceptionally damaged by poor quality hair colouring, and needs urgent attention.

We’re also predicting that once lockdown lifts and Bristol hair salons can safely re-open, there will be huge demand for hair colour correction services.

Typically, a standard hair colour correction will cost £45 on top of the normal cut and hair colouring costs in-salon.

As a rough guide for more involved hair colour correction services, we’d look at going from two to three levels up in steps of colour, costing £40 per level.

best Autumn hair colours in Bristol for 2019

With such a detailed hair colour service, our consultations are all bespoke, and we only provide the best hair colouring advice for each individual client.

At our Baldwin Street salon, we offer bespoke and free hair consultations, and a hair colour correction is effectively a hair colour reset or a bleach-based colour correction for a client.

If you have any queries about hair colour correction, please feel free to get in touch with us at our Baldwin Street salon here.

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